Beyond the Door

After entering Kingdom Hearts, the final battle sequence begins. The first encounter with Xemnas is more of an event than a battle, so be ready for anything!

Boss: Xemnas

HP: 1000          STR: 45          DEF: 26

This isn’t so much a one-on-one fight with Xemnas as it is a battle against Kingdom Hearts itself. Your objective is to get up to Xemnas atop the looming tower in the distance. However, the city below is full of dangerous obstacles. To start, be ready to trigger the Slicer Reaction Command to burst through the rising buildings in a single bound.

Enter the next area and use the Excablade Reaction Command to jump up to the building fragments. Use the series of Sky Scraper Reaction Commands to break through the remaining buildings and reach the upper balconies of the tower.

The two cylinders are actually enormous cannons. To destroy them, you’ll need to attack the enemies that appear and knock them into the cylinder. The cylinders’ remaining health can be monitored using the gauges at the top of the screen. Watch for the prompt to use the Stunt Dodge Reaction Command. You have to use this Reaction Command to avoid being caught in the blast path when a cylinder erupts. Repeat this pattern until both cylinders are destroyed, then use the final Stunt Dodge Reaction Command to jump up to the next area of the tower.

The final stretch of this battle is the fight against the Energy Core. Use standard combos to damage it and watch out for the falling debris as you fight. After taking some damage, the Energy Core will raise a shield and a swarm of Nobodies will appear. You need to defeat all of the Nobodies in order to drop the shield and continue dealing damage to the Energy Core.

Boss: Xemnas (Armor)

HP: 1000          STR: 45          DEF: 26

At the top of the tower, Xemnas waits on his throne. It’s time to take the fight straight to him, and you’ll have to since he doesn’t ever leave his chair. This is actually a rather simple battle in terms of what you have to. Just approach Xemnas and unload a barrage of combos. Riku’s Limit Command can deal massive damage, so use it to throughout the battle. If you must enter a Drive Form, we recommend having Goofy in your Party so you can enter Valor Form and still have Riku in your Party for healing and dealing damage. As Xemnas attacks, watch for chances to block with Riku’s Dark Shield and follow up with his Dark Aura Ability. This is also a good way to deal lots of damage!

A Moment’s Reprieve

After defeating Xemnas atop the tower, the gang celebrates their overwhelming victory. After a rather lengthy cutscene, Namine opens a portal out of The World That Never Was. Kairi, Mickey, Donald, and Goofy make it through, but as Sora and Riku leave to join them, Xemnas returns to storm the castle. The portal disappears, leaving Sora and Riku to fight off Xemnas once and for all!

Boss: Xemnas (Dragon)

HP: 1200          STR: 45          DEF: 26

The next battle is reminiscent of the Gummi Ship battles you’ve done in the past. Knock away enemies with the X Button and use the lasers with the Square Button. Whenever missiles seem to suddenly appear, hold down the Circle Button to absorb enemy fire and use it to charge up your Energy Gauge. When the Energy Gauge is full, unleash the Megalaser with the Triangle Button to deal enormous amounts of damage! Destroy all the different parts of the dragon to advance to the next stage of the battle.

Boss: Xemnas (Armor)

HP: 1500          STR: 45          DEF: 26

Similar to the battle against the armored Xemnas from before, this battle is a little different with the increased jumping mechanics. Now when you jump, instead of lifting a small ways off the ground, Sora will spiral high into the air with a single bound!

Xemnas will knock Sora and Riku back into the vast space surrounding the Dragon. Glide back toward the throne using the Square Button. Approach nearby building fragments and initiate the Riding Shot Reaction Command followed by the Meteor Rain Reaction Command to bash the shield open. Use the Circle Button in the air to perform an Aerial Dodge and dodge the ensuing lasers. Return to Xemnas’s throne to land a few more hits before he knocks you back out into space to repeat the pattern all over again.

Victory against Xemnas earns you an MP +10 Get Bonus for Sora.

The World of Nothingness

Boss: Xemnas

HP: 1500          STR: 45          DEF: 26

This is it: the final battle! Everything you’ve done thus far has all come down to this! Time to show Xemnas the true power of two Keyblade wielders!

Right when the battle starts, Sora and Riku are dragged into a series of dark energy waves. You can avoid these by rapidly using the Reversal Reaction Command. When the assault is over, Xemnas will warp around the room firing off dark energy waves that can also be dodged with the Reversal Reaction Command. Use this to avoid damage and get close to him to land a combo or two before he moves again.

Xemnas will almost always have a clone of himself out in the field during the battle. The Reversal Reaction Commands will usually lead you right next to the real Xemnas as they move you out of harm’s way. Use this to locate the real thing and deal damage. Riku’s Limit Command is very good for dealing lots of damage to Xemnas while granting temporary immunity to his attacks. The Dark Shield and Dark Aura Abilities are also useful for blocking attacks and dealing damage when the opportunities present themselves.

Eventually, Xemnas will capture Sora in a dark hold. Control shifts to Riku as you try to rescue Sora from Xemnas’s clutches. Use the Dark Aura Ability to fend off Xemnas’s clones as you approach the real thing and use the Rescue Reaction Command to knock Xemnas off and regain control of Sora.

Xemnas will also fight with laser attacks from time to time, more so when the battle gets down toward the end. Use a Reflega spell to avoid being hit by the lasers. As you reach the end of the battle, Xemnas’s final assault is the most grueling test of reflexes in the entire Kingdom Hearts franchise! As Xemnas fills the room with lasers, be ready to rapidly alternate between the X Button and the Triangle Button for a good length of time. Even the slightest hesitation can result in instant defeat, so keep your stamina high for this button-mashing frenzy! If you can make it through this onslaught, attack the stunned Xemnas with one last combo finisher to end the battle for good!

With Xemnas truly defeated, there’s nothing left to do but enjoy the ending cutscenes and final credits. Congratulations!!! You have successfully completed Kingdom Hearts II!