Back to the Bastion

After completing the Land of Dragons and Beast’s Castle, the Gummi Ship is forced back to Hollow Bastion. Head out to “Merlin’s House” to meet up with the old wizard. Turns out, he’s found Pooh’s storybook. After the cutscene, talk to Donald to enter the 100 Acre Wood.

Sora and Pooh reunite for a brief cutscene at “Pooh Bear’s House”. But something goes horribly wrong and Sora gets thrown out of the book to discover that some Heartless have stolen pages back in town.

Event: Defeat all the Heartless

Take out all of the Heartless that appear in the “Borough”. The only enemies that appear are Shadows and Soldiers, so you should have no trouble. Remember to take advantage of the Cyclone Reaction Command to make quick work of the Soldiers.

After defeating the Heartless, head back to the 100 Acre Wood and talk to Pooh again. It seems he’s lost a bit of his memory. Exit the book and talk to Merlin back at “Merlin’s House”. He’ll hand over the Baseball Charm, which allows you to perform your first Summon, Chicken Little. He’ll also explain that you’ll need to locate the Torn Pages scattered throughout the worlds in order to restore the 100 Acre Wood to its former glory. Keep an eye out for them as you travel from world to world.