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Questions & Answers

This is a new segment on DI we like to call Questions & Answers, or more simply just Questions. We like to hear feedback from our fans on the most complicated, convoluted, and just plain weird video game easter eggs from the Kingdom Hearts series. We will be compiling a large collection of Q&A style webpages on DI which try to answer all of the most commonly asked questions.

Sora Donald Goofy - Kingdom Hearts Questions

You should expect this page to be updated frequently as time goes on. Right now this is just a template for displaying our first prominent questions, but we hope to add more content very soon. Also if you have ideas for specific questions you may send us a contact message and we can try to fit them in. However, please realize that this section is not for walkthroughs or guides on how to defeat bosses. This page is for more obscure questions related to the plot, character development, unlockables, secrets, and of course some neat easter eggs.

Check back soon as we have more time to update with fresh new content.

Kingdom Hearts I Q&A
What happens when you light the Fireplace in the Accessory Shop?
How to get onto the roof of the Gizmo Shop in Traverse Town?
How to get the Evidence on the stove in Wonderland?
How to give evidence to the Queen of Hearts in Wonderland?
How to get onto the ceiling in the Bizarre Room?
How do you give flowers an ether/potion in Wonderland?
How to grow & shrink in the Lotus Forest?
How to cook and do the experiment in Deep Jungle?
Why is there a ladder in the Neverland Ship Hold?

Kingdom Hearts II Q&A
How to Obtain All Magic Upgrades?
How to Get Into Santa’s Toy Factory?
How to Get a Mega-Ether?