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KH II Final Mix HD > Overview

In 2007 Square-Enix decided to, yet again, remaster one of their Kingdom Hearts games and jam-pack it with all kinds of extra goodies that weren’t available in the original release. That decision resulted in Kingdom Hearts II: Final Mix + – a two-game combo package that consisted of Re:Chain of Memories and Kingdom Hearts II: Final Mix.

Specifically, Kingdom Hearts II: Final Mix featured a plethora of extras that were not included in the original release of Kingdom Hearts II. Like the first Final Mix title, this game was never released anywhere outside Japan. The game featured new Weapons, new Equipment, new Abilities, new Enemies, a brand new Drive Form, a brand new area to explore in Hollow Bastion, new minigames and sidequests, and more new boss fights than the average gamer knew what to do with. Plus SO MUCH MORE! As in the first Final Mix, several new cutscenes were introduced throughout the story. These scenes were silent with Japanese subtitles, though they could be watched again in Theater Mode with Japanese voiceovers.

In addition, players who took the time to play through Re:Chain of Memories were able to unlock even more extras during Kingdom Hearts II: Final Mix, and vice-versa. All in all, Kingdom Hearts II: Final Mix was a welcome addition to the series.