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When Birth by Sleep was released outside of Japan, many changes were made to it, including new Boss fights, new Mini Games, new Side Quests, and more.

Naturally, like many Kingdom Hearts titles before it, Birth by Sleep was soon slotted for a Final Mix.

Released in January 2011, Birth by Sleep: Final Mix featured many of the things that were included in the international release, such as the Critical Difficulty Mode and the battle against the Mysterious Figure in the Land of Departure.

However, Square-Enix didn’t stop there, introducing new enemies, new Commands, new battles, new Side Quests, and an entire new storyline to play as Aqua after the events in the Final Episode that was included in the original.

Plus, on top of all that, Birth by Sleep: Final Mix included a new secret ending. It was clear that Birth by Sleep: Final Mix would be a welcomed addition to the series.

Everything in the BBS Final Mix release was packaged into the KH 2.5 HD release for PlayStation 3. If you don’t own a PSP or don’t want to play Birth By Sleep on the small screen, you should definitely consider playing this Final Mix version in high-definition.

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