Photos Inside Artnia: The Square-Enix Café Bar & Restaurant

After finding shots of a new Final Fantasy restaurant we wanted to put together a small compilation of photos. This Final Fantasy themed cafe serves foods and drinks in the style of many characters and icons from FF VII, VIII, and IX. But the restaurant also serves as a Square-Enix goodies shop with plush dolls and video game merchandise.

The official name is Artnia with a beautiful website hosted directly from The store is located at Tokyo’s Shinjuku Eastside directly in front of the SE headquarters. Definitely a convenient location for those visiting Japan. Anyways we have included a small gallery of photos focusing on both the creative foods and related merchandise. A very nice attraction for any true Final Fantasy fanatics.

Artina at Night

outside artnia restaurant square enix shinjuku tokyo japan

Square-Enix Sign

square enix sign outside artnia store japan finalfantasy


artnia instagram photo full square enix building daylight japan

Artina Logo

square enix artnia logo outside store restaurant

Main Entrance

artnia main hallway restaurant eating

Slime Plushies

plush dolls slime dragon warrior models merchandise

Merchandise Shelves

artnia merchandise shelves plush dolls interior tokyo

Merchandise Shelves #2

more merchandise dream plush kh square enix store

Dragon Quest Armor

square enix artnia dragon warrior shield sword display photograph

Cloud @ Artina

artnia table number holder cloud ffvii artwork

Artina Big Entrance

interior entrance artnia square enix lounge cafe

Final Fantasy Napkins

artnia interior napkins chocobo cactuar moogle merchandise

Chocobo Plushies

chocobo plush dolls on display artnia

Square-Enix Music Corner

square enix albums ost listening corner view photograph

Drink Coasters

chocobo moogle drink coasters square enix artnia

Artina Menu

artnia pre open food menu desserts

Coffee Mugs

square enix coffee mugs merchandise display

Square-Enix Pancakes

artina menu pancakes foods page ordering

Wines and Bar Drinks

ordering alcohol artina cafe bar wine drinks

Tonberry & Cactuar

tonberry cactuar dolls plush display for sale artina

Chocobo & Moogle

moogle ffxii chocobo set plush dolls display merchandise

Latte/Coffee Art

artina shaking coffee art latte artwork moggle stencil

Chocobo Sable Biscuit

chocobo square enix sable biscuit food

Moogle Pancakes

moogle pancakes photo strawberries cream squareniex

Cactuar Coffee Art

coffee art artwork cactuar square enix cafe

Artina Serving Plates

artina square enix food restaurant serving tray

Chocobo Pancakes

artina chocobo pancakes cream syrup final fantasy

Tifa + Alcohol

artina tifa drinking elixir alcoholic artina

Buster Sword for Dessert

dessert artina chocolate buster sword parfait

FF Drink Coasters

artina drink coasters inside interior kitchen