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DI Staff

Below are some unique member bios for our hard working staff here at Destiny Islands! Most members contribute at least a few articles onto the site in their time, while others are constantly writing and helping to build the website behind the scenes. This includes design, web development, content creation, and video editing. We would love to have you contribute to the site if you'd be interested. Just get in touch with us or any of the friendly staff members below.

Destiny Islands Staff

The staff here at DI works diligently to keep the site up to date with fresh content. After launching originally in 2006 Destiny Islands has changed faces many times. However the members of DI's team haven't given up and continue providing top-quality game info and media to the masses. Kingdom Hearts fans rejoice!

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I fell in love with the Kingdom Hearts franchise shortly after the release of the first game way back in 2003. I don't know what it was about it, but something definitely connected with me. I got into web design a few years after that. It was then that me and my buddy (also an avid Kingdom Hearts fan) decided that we should create our own Kingdom Hearts website where we could share our love of the game with the world. Thus, Destiny Islands was born. It's been a long time coming, but all our hard work finally paid off. I'm also a huge fan of the Final Fantasy series, especially the FFX and FFXIII games, and Nightmare Before Christmas. I love music, video games, all kinds of movies, and basically just relaxing and living life.

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Ace is one of the co-founders currently running Destiny Islands. Although he has built many different websites, Destiny Islands is his oldest project together with OtherPromise13. Kingdom Hearts 4 lyfe yo

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I am a great admirer of Kingdom Hearts. The game has been one of my favorites and I have come to love it dearly. The interaction with Disney Characters makes it unique in my opinion. My favorite character is Mickey Mouse, The King. I am also a content writer here at Destiny Islands so always check back for the latest news! Furthermore, I engage myself with tag and avatar making in my spare time. You all can call me Legacy or KBL, either one is fine!

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Final Sora

I am ready for any challenge and will answer any question you like. I love to game and rock climb, I also love commenting. My favorite series is obviously Kingdom Hearts. I wish to become a true member and to posts updates frequently. Thx to everyone in the Destiny Islands staff for accepting me. =) =)

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Gerald Williams

Hey guys! I'm just an avid Kingdom Hearts fan just like you! Ever since I was twelve I became infatuated with the world/worlds of Kingdom Hearts. I love the characters, the story (albeit it can get confusing), and the places you can go to! My favorite character from the series is Sora and my favorite Kingdom Hearts game has to be Kingdom Hearts II with Dream Drop DIstance at a close second. My favorite world is the Symphony of Sorcery from Dream Drop Distance (I love Fantasia) :P. Thanks for taking the time to read about myself and if you ever have any questions or comments feel free to email me at! Catch ya' later!

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