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3DS Original Soundtrack Cover Art
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KINGDOM HEARTS 3D: Dream Drop Distance is a three-disc collection featuring 52 brand new tracks from KINGDOM HEARTS 3D: Dream Drop Distance. This is the original soundtrack composed by Yoko Shimomura, along with composers Takeharu Ishimoto and Tsuyoshi Sekito.

Disc 1

  1. Dearly Beloved
  2. Storm Diver
  4. Traverse in Trance
  5. Hand to Hand
  6. Dream Eaters
  10. The World of Dream Drops
  11. Le Sanctuaire
  12. La Cloche
  13. Sweet Spirits
  14. Majestic Wings
  15. Ever After
  16. Wild Blue

Disc 2

  1. Access the Grid
  2. Digital Domination
  3. The Nightmare
  4. Rinzler Recompiled
  5. Keyblade Cycle
  6. Gigabyte Mantis
  7. The Fun Fair
  8. Prankster’s Party
  9. Broken Reality
  10. Ice-hot Lobster
  11. The Dream
  12. Ready to Rush
  13. Dream Matchup
  14. One for All
  15. All for One
  16. The Flick Finalist
  17. Victor’s Pride
  18. Xigbar
  19. Distant from You …
  20. Sacred Distance
  21. Deep Drop

Disc 3

  1. L’Oscurità dell’Ignot
  2. Xehanort -The Early Years-
  3. The Dread of Night
  4. L’Eminenza Oscura I
  5. L’Eminenza Oscura II
  6. L’Impeto Oscuro
  7. My Heart’s Descent
  8. The Eye of Darkness
  9. Link to All
  10. Sora
  11. Dream Drop Distance -The Next Awakening-
  12. Symphony No.6 “Pastoral” Op.68
  13. L’Apprenti Sorcier
  14. The Nutcracker Suite Op.71
  15. A Night on the Bald Mountain

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