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358/2 Days > Panels

Panels are a new system introduced in 358/2 Days. They regulate anything and everything about your characters’ development, including their level, abilities, magic, and even which weapons, items, and accessories are equipped to them. When you enter the Panel Menu, a large grid of empty blocks is shown to the left of the screen. You can install Panels into this grid in any way you want, as long as everything fits. Each Panel takes up a certain arrangement of blocks on the grid, and if it fits, it’s equipped. As the game progresses, additional blocks on the grid may be purchased and unlocked, allowing for players to install more Panels and further develop their characters. What’s more, certain Panels act as multipliers, increasing the effect of the individual Panels within them.

Panels are broken down into seven categories: Item Panels, Support Panels, Weapon Panels, Magic Panels, Ability Panels, Ring Panels, and Materials. A link for each category is provided below. Each page will detail the specifics about each type of Panel and recommendations about how to install certain Panels into the Panel Grid.

Item Panels Support Panels Magic Panels

Ability Panels Weapon Panels

Ring Panels Material Panels