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X-Play Videos

If you had access to TechTV/G4TV during the early millennium then you must remember X-Play. This was a popular video game review show which aired new episodes Monday-Friday. It was refreshing, witty, accurate, and oftentimes brutal with their style of reviewing.

Unfortunately the show has since gone off the air so it’s impossible to catch these older episodes. But thanks to a few online resources we’ve archived a collection of old rare G4TV video clips focusing on the Kingdom Hearts games. Enjoy!

Chain of Memories Review

xplay chain of memories video

KH II Early Preview

kh2 preview japanese xplay

KH II Review

kingdom hearts 2 review xplay video

KH II Final Mix+ Review

kh2 final mix japanese xplay video

Re: Chain of Memories Review

kingdom hearts re chain of memories xplay

358/2 Days Review

kingdom hearts 358/2 days xplay video

Birth by Sleep Review

kh birth by sleep review xplay

Re:Coded Review

kingdom hearts re coded xplay video

Dream Drop Distance Review

xplay dream drop distance video

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