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The days & nights are long working here at DI Headquarters, located in the central 1st District of Traverse Town. Our staff members are constantly striving to publish new ideas as Destiny Islands is growing rapidly. And we are open for taking on some help. DI is the most relevant online magazine for Kingdom Hearts news and rare media. We provide all the info you need on new enemies, secret bosses, rare items, world maps, and basically anything KH.

Plus we are constantly updating with Square-Enix news from around the world. Along with all this data we are currently implementing fan art, SD/HD videos, book scans, and some other fun stuff on our official YouTube page.

King Mickey Writing Desk KH Re:Coded

If you have a love for the Kingdom Hearts series and you’d like to have your articles featured here on DI please let us know. You can contact us via e-mail or alternatively tweet us @dislands and we will generally respond back.

That is, when we’re not busy kickin’ some heartless keister.

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