After completing Sora’s Story, a new story is available in the Main Title Page. You can now play through Castle Oblivion on a different adventure as Riku. Since Riku’s fights are essentially identical to Sora’s, this Walkthrough only highlights battles that did not take place in Sora’s Story. If you want tips for defeating the other challenges, refer to the Walkthroughs (Sora) Pages.

Basement 12 – Hollow Bastion

Basement 12 Exit Hall

Boss: Ansem

HP: 400          AP: 3          EXP: 133

Being the first real Boss fight in Riku’s Story, Ansem is not going to be too much of a challenge in this fight. Don’t stay too close for long, or his shadowy familiar will start attacking with a mind of its own. Keep your distance for the most part, only moving in when you’re ready to attack.

You also have a pretty decent Deck, so don’t be afraid to Card Break a few of Ansem’s attacks to really leave him vulnerable.

Basement 10 – Monstro

Basement 10 Exit Hall

Boss: Vexen

HP: 1090          AP: 6          EXP: 575

This encounter with Vexen is not an easy one. In terms of difficulty, he’s somewhere between the first and second fights when you fought him in Sora’s Story. Use a similar strategy to when you fought him as Sora, but this time around, you’ve also got Dark Mode on your side, which is easily the crux of this battle. Enter quickly and pelt him with everything you’ve got. Dark Firaga can penetrate his shield from the front and deal some good damage on account of his weakness to Fire Magic.

Watch out for his new Diamond Dust Sleight, which can pack a very serious punch if you’re not careful. Best to Card Break it quickly and power on through.

Basement 8 – Traverse Town

Basement 8 Exit Hall

Boss: Riku

HP: 1200          AP: 8          EXP: 1675

The battle against Riku can be a very difficult one for one good reason: when you enter Dark mode, it’s very difficult to tell which Riku is you! At this point, Riku fights much like he did during his first few encounters in Sora’s Story, so you should be able to pick up on and exploit his weaknesses.

Get into Dark Mode quick so you can use your powerful Sleights to really get the upper hand. If you can, Stock three Level 9 Cards together to unleash the all-powerful Dark Aura Sleight, which will make quick work of Riku’s HP!

Basement 4 – Halloween Town

Basement 4 Exit Hall

Boss: Lexaeus

HP: 1680          AP: 15          EXP: 6517

Lexaeus is a true powerhouse and a dangerous force to be reckoned with! Each individual attack can easily knock out a quarter of Riku’s HP, so keep your distance and dodge everything you can. Get into Dark Mode and barrage him with everything you’ve got, but try not to take too much damage, or you will revert back to normal.

Dark Firaga is a good Sleight to use, as it will keep you far away from Lexaeus while still dealing decent damage. As always, try to Stock together three Level 9 Cards to unleash the powerful Dark Aura attack!

Victory against Lexaeus earns you the Lexaeus Enemy Card.

Basement 2 – Twilight Town

Key of Beginnings

Boss: Riku

HP: 1350          AP: 10          EXP: 5900

Remember how difficult the final battle with Riku was when you were playing Sora’s Story? Well this fight is so much worse, and again, you’ll have the confusion of not knowing which Riku is which once you enter Dark Mode.

Your opponent has every trick up his sleeve that he had when you fought him for the last time in Sora’s Story, but he’s easily twice as relentless as he was then, so constantly be on the move. Get into Dark Mode as fast as you can and hammer him with everything you have with as few breaks in between as possible. Riku will exploit any opening you give him, so you have to keep creaming him or he will get the upper hand! Use Dark Aura to quickly take down HP when the battle starts to get down to the wire, but watch out! Riku has a few Level 0 Cards in his Deck, so he can break your attacks just as easily as you can break his!

Basement 1 – Castle Oblivion

The Final Battle

Boss: Ansem

HP: 2240          AP: 25          EXP: 0

Ansem puts up quite a fight for this final battle. His attacks are very powerful and he attacks pretty quickly. The trick, as usual, is to get into Dark Mode as fast as you can and pelt him with every single trick you have. Dark Aura and Dark Firaga are the best way to land hits, and even Dark Break is a good way to land a string of blows with little risk.

You should collect The King Friend Cards that fall into the field so you can heal whenever you need to. Just keep moving and Card Break his more aggressive attacks to avoid taking too much damage.

Victory against Ansem earns you the Ansem Enemy Card.

Now that you’ve completed Riku’s Story, you can return to the 13th Floor in Sora’s Story and start opening Calm Bounty Map Cards. The rewards available include the Lexaeus Enemy Card, the Ansem Enemy Card, and the Ultima Weapon Attack Card.