Floor 7 – Atlantica

With the milestone of reaching Floor 7, you can now find Key to Rewards Cards from defeating Heartless. You can use these special Map Cards to open hidden rooms in each Floor of the castle. Inside, there is always a special treasure that is unique to each world. You should consider revisiting some of the Floors you’ve already been to and opening a few of these doors. The rewards will definitely be worth it!

Key to Truth

Boss: Ursula

HP: 640          AP: 17          EXP: 1730

Ursula can be a real pain. In order to deal any damage to her face (the main target of this battle), you first have to defeat her tentacles, which can be pretty hard to do since she usually uses rather high-level cards. Once you’ve taken them all out, Ursula will move closer, giving you access to her head. Attack it with standard combos, blocking her Cards whenever you can.

If at any point, you manage to collect the Trick Card, you can use it to drop all of her tentacles and immediately go for Ursula’s head, a tactic that will make the fight go that much quicker.

Victory against Ursula earns you the Ursula Enemy Card.

7th Floor Exit Hall

Boss: Riku

HP: 1120          AP: 5          EXP: 2775

Riku is a rather subdued confrontation, though he is still not to be taken lightly. His most devastating attack is actually the third hit of his standard combo, which will leave Sora dazed for a short while after he strikes, leaving you wide open for additional attacks. You should rely on a Deck of very high-level Cards (nothing below a 7 at this point).

You should be just as relentless as Riku with your attacks. Give him even the slightest opening, and he will exploit it to its fullest. Be sure to have a few Cure Magic Cards to make up for any damage you might take.

Victory against Riku earns you the Aero Magic Card.

Floor 8 – Neverland

Key to Truth

Boss: Captain Hook

HP: 680          AP: 11          EXP: 1990

The most difficult aspect about your fight with Captain Hook is the fact the boat is rocking back and forth throughout the entire battle. This makes it very hard to keep your feet planted on the ground while attacking and even more difficult to avoid. Captain Hook loves to attack by throwing bombs all over the place, in addition to this relentless sword attacks. The trick is to keep your guard up and Card Break him whenever you get the chance. This can be difficult, seeing as his Cards are pretty high-leveled, but it’s absolutely necessary if you want to come out on top in this battle.

Sleights such as Sonic Blade come in handy during this fight, as it will allow you to dash back and forth across the screen while avoiding damage and dealing some heavy hits of your own. Just keep moving, and perhaps use the Jafar Enemy Card to avoid having your Cards broken.

Victory against Captain Hook earns you the Hook Enemy Card.

8th Floor Exit Hall

Boss: Riku

HP: 1120          AP: 0          EXP: 3225

The only difference between this fight with Riku and your last is that he has one new Sleight up his sleeve. Dark Firaga is a powerful attack, but is rather easy to avoid, either by Card Breaking it immediately or by using a Dodge Roll.

Other than that, Riku is no different, and the strategy to take him down is still the same. Keep nailing him with relentless attacks and he’ll fall in no time.

Victory against Riku earns you the Warpinator Sleight.

Floor 9 – Hollow Bastion

Key to Truth

Boss: Dragon

HP: 1080          AP: 21          EXP: 2249

The Dragon can be a rather difficult foe to defeat. Her breath attacks have a limited range, and she doesn’t use them too often, but they are very powerful when she does. Her other attacks create massive earthquakes that can be devastating if you don’t jump in time to avoid the blast wave.

Since the head is your target, you’ll be relying on aerial combos to deal your damage. Sleights are generally worthless in this match, as you won’t get much of an opportunity to use them. Rely on basic aerial combos to get the job done, avoiding or Card Breaking her attacks when you can. Use the Trick Card to raise a platform up to her head, allowing you to use some ground combos while avoiding most of her attacks.

Victory against the Dragon earns you the Dragon Enemy Card