Floor 4 – Wonderland

Key of Beginnings

Boss: Card Soldiers

HP: 104 (Each Heart Soldier), 130 (Each Spade Soldier)
AP: 7 (Each Heart Soldier), 9 (Each Spade Soldier)
EXP: 28 (Each Heart Soldier), 39 (Each Spade Soldier)

The Card Soldiers appear in wave after wave, so you’ll only have to deal with a few at a time.

They also do not have any Sleights, but their Cards can be rather high-leveled at times.

If you use the Jafar Enemy Card, you can power through for the most part and take them out with relative ease.

Victory against the Card Soldiers earns you the Card Soldier Enemy Card.

Key to Truth

Boss: Trickmaster

HP: 650          AP: 11          EXP: 512

The Trickmaster is a rather annoying Boss to take on. It’s Cards are high-leveled and your target (it’s torso) is usually high out of reach. You’ll be doing a lot of jumping followed by aerial combos in order to deal any damage. The Trickmaster attacks by slamming its batons down on the ground. You can avoid this for the most part, but watch out for the occasional fireball attack.

The best way to damage the Trickmaster is to use the Trick Card that falls throughout the battle. Doing so will raise a table in the middle of the room, which you can hop on top of to reach its torso more easily. The Trickmaster will eventually bash this table back into the floor, so watch out.

Victory against the Trickmaster earns you the Trickmaster Enemy Card.

Floor 5 – Monstro

Key of Guidance

Boss: Parasite Cage

HP: 770          AP: 10          EXP: 512

The Parasite Cage is a tricky battle. The biggest challenge in this fight is avoiding the poisonous acid that coats the floor. The platforms that circle around the floor will provide protection, but they will sink if you stand on them for too long. Stepping in the acid will gradually drain your HP, so try to stay out of it as much as possible.

Use the Trick Card to bring up a platform that will follow you and stay underneath you wherever you go. This will allow you to attack the Parasite Cage without having to worry about the acid below. If you also use the Jafar Enemy Card, you can attack pretty much uninterrupted, which will let you take down the Parasite Cage pretty quickly.

Victory against the Parasite Cage earns you the Parasite Cage Enemy Card.

Key to Truth

Field Event: Heartless Challenge

Objective: Defeat all of the Heartless and max out the Monstro Gauge

For this event, it’s not enough to simply defeat the Heartless that appear. You also have to raise the Monstro Gauge in the corner of the screen. To do this, you have to defeat all of the Heartless rapidly. The Monstro Gauge will decrease if you go too long between defeating enemies, so be sure to take them out quickly the keep the gauge on the rise. Wide-area Sleights like Stun Impact, Proud Roar, Omnislash, and others are the best way to accomplish this task. If you manage to successfully complete this challenge, Sora will receive the Dumbo Magic Card.

Floor 6 – Halloween Town

Field Event: Heartless Ambush

Objective: Defeat all of the Heartless

Upon entering Halloween Town, Sora is ambushed by a swarm of Heartless. You’ll need to take them all out, wave after wave, in order to progress the story and receive the Key of Beginnings.

Key to Truth

Boss: Oogie Boogie

HP: 750          AP: 15          EXP: 791

Oogie Boogie is actually a fairly simple Boss for appearing so late in the game. Defeating him may take some time though, as you have to get through the iron fence that protects him before you can deal any damage.

The fastest way to get up to Oogie is to instantly Card Break anything he does. Each time you Card Break one of his attacks, the fence will lower a notch. Card Break three of Oogie’s Cards to fully lower the fence. From there, jump up and attack Oogie directly. He won’t really retaliate much, so power through with your own attacks. After a little bit, Oogie will knock you back down to the lower level and the fence will rise up again, starting the pattern all over again.

Victory against Oogie Boogie earns you the Oogie Boogie Enemy Card.

6th Floor Exit Hall

At this point, we recommend you put the Oogie Boogie Enemy Card in your Deck. This Card has the Regen ability, which allows you to gradually regain HP over a period of time. This ability definitely comes in handy against some of the tougher foes in the Floors to come.

Boss: Larxene

HP: 1120          AP: 5          EXP: 2325

Larxene is not going to pull any punches. She’s very fast and relentless with her attacks, and her high-level cards can often leave you unable to attack. Because her specialty is lightning, she does not have any elemental weaknesses to exploit, so you should stick to good old-fashioned combos and Sleights to take her down.

When she assembles any sort of Sleight (especially Lightning Bolt), Card Break it instantly. You should always have a few level 0 Cards in the back of your Deck for quickly Card Breaking your enemies’ attacks.

The best time to strike at Larxene is when she’s reloading her Deck, though she won’t just sit still and take hits. If you can pin her into a corner, you’ll be able to unleash a few combos before she’s back on the offensive.

Victory against Larxene earns you the Thunder Magic Card and a new set of World Cards.