Floor 12 – Destiny Islands

Key of Guidance

Boss: Darkside

HP: 1920          AP: 26          EXP: 5558

Darkside is a relatively easy fight compared to some of the battles you’ve faced recently, and certainly compared to the battles that still lie ahead. The hardest part is actually hitting it. The trick is to watch its attacks and Card Break only the right ones. The two attacks to allow through involve Darkside winding back and punching down into the ground. Avoid the initial attack, then strike the hand with some blows of your own.

You should Card Break every thing else Darkside does. This will help reduce the possibility of taking unnecessary damage and let you focus on dishing out hits instead of taking them.

Victory against Darkside earns you the Darkside Enemy Card and Oathkeeper Attack Card.

12th Floor Exit Hall

Boss: Riku

HP: 1680          AP: 0          EXP: 6825

Riku is back to rumble yet again, only this time, he presents a serious threat. In addition to all his previous assaults, Riku is now easily twice as fast, three times as powerful, and four times as relentless as all of the other times you’ve faced him.

The key to coming out on top is Card Breaks, especially when it comes to his new Sleight, Dark Aura. This powerful assault can easily flat-line Sora’s HP in a matter of seconds, even at full health! Even if by some miracle, you do survive it, you’re HP will be dwindling and Sora will be momentarily stunned or confused, making it very difficult to quickly recover from this attack. As soon as Riku rises up in the middle of the arena to initiate this attack, Card Break him IMMEDIATELY! It’s the only way to avoid being hit with what could be Riku’s winning assault!

Victory against Riku earns you the Riku Enemy Card.

After defeating Riku, it is highly recommended that you return to the “Conqueror’s Respite” in Destiny Islands to use the Save Point. If you try to press ahead into the next fight and lose, you’ll have to battle Riku again, which you probably don’t want to have to do.

Boss: Larxene

HP: 1570          AP: 15          EXP: 6263

Larxene has gotten much stronger since your last encounter with her. Her individual attacks don’t pack much of a punch, but she unleashes a barrage of blows in rapid succession that can easily take a significant chunk out of Sora’s HP.

Similar to Vexen, if you Card Break Larxene’s every move, you’ll be presented with brief openings to advance with a few attacks of your own. Watch out for her Teleport Rush Sleight, which can be absolutely lethal. It’s best to just Card Break this immediately when you see her stocking up her cards.

Victory against Larxene earns you the Larxene Enemy Card and Oblivion Attack Card.

Floor 13 – Castle Oblivion

Upon entering the 13th Floor, Sora and company enter a brief cutscene. When it ends, you’ll now be in possession of the all-powerful Trinity Limit Sleight. By Stocking one Donald Friend Card, one Goofy Friend Card, and one Attack Card from your own Deck, you can unleash an enormous burst of energy that engulfs and severely damages all Heartless on the screen. This is a very handy Sleight to rely on against the difficult standard enemies you’ll find wandering around in Castle Oblivion.

As you travel through the 13th Floor’s many rooms, we recommend you strategically place Moment’s Reprieve Map Cards in specific locations, namely, the room that connects to the Key of Beginnings and the final room you visit, just before the final Boss sequence. These will help you ensure that you don’t have to redo anything in case you die, and they will also make sure you are at full health when you take on Castle Oblivion’s toughest Boss fights yet!

Key of Beginnings

Boss: Axel

HP: 1680          AP: 15          EXP: 6825

Axel may have been pulling punches way back on the 1st Floor, but the gloves are off now and he’s not taking any hits sitting down! He’s gotten a lot faster, a lot more powerful, and a lot more vicious with his assaults. True to his nature, his attacks are mostly based in Fire, which means you can use Ice Magic to deal some serious damage … if you can even hit him. Axel warps around a lot, making it very difficult to actually land a hit on him. The key is to take advantage of the temporary stunning he experiences after you Card Break him.

And you’ll be Card Breaking him a lot! His handy Firewall Sleight is still on reserve from the first battle, so watch out for that and be ready to Card Break it. New to this battle is his incredibly annoying Firetooth Sleight, which summons two homing fireballs that circle Sora until you either Card Break it or they stop dealing damage. This attack is rather hard to Card Break after it’s already connected with Sora, as you’ll be stunned for the majority of it, making it difficult to play a Card to Card Break it. It’s best to just Card Break it before it even gets a chance to come out.

Victory against Axel earns you the Axel Enemy Card.

The Final Battles

Boss: Marluxia

HP: 2240          AP: 27          EXP: 13131

Marluxia is a very difficult opponent, as you’d probably expect from a Final Boss. He doesn’t attack very often, but when he does, it certain packs a punch. His enormous scythe gives him a very wide range to attack with, meaning that nowhere in the arena is truly safe. You should definitely keep moving and Dodge Roll often to avoid damage, or just simply Card Break his attacks whenever you can.

Marluxia won’t do much to avoid taking damage himself, though he will avoid you while he recharges his Deck. His Sleights are very powerful and hard to dodge, so it’s best to just Card Break them all. You should have a good amount of Level 0 Attack Cards in the back of your Deck for quick access so you can Card Break him swiftly and keep fighting. Be careful of relying too much on Sleights in this fight though. Not only do you not want to run out of Cards when it comes down to brass tacks, but Marluxia has a steady stream of Level 0 Cards that he can use to Card Break your attacks, so you don’t want to stock a bunch of Cards only to have them Card Broken.

Victory against Marluxia earns you the Marluxia Enemy Card.

Before entering the final door, we recommend you return to your Moment’s Reprieve Map Card and Save your game. You’ll want to be all healed up and ready for the next fight. You might want to find room for the Marluxia Enemy Card in your Deck, because it gives you the amazing Doublesleight Ability. This allows you to unleash two Sleights with one set of Stocked Cards. You can only use it for three Sleights in a single battle, but it still comes in handy, especially when paired with the awesome Trinity Limit Sleight!

Boss: Marluxia Redux

HP: 2244          AP: 28          EXP: 0

This is it! The final battle! And sadly, Marluxia’s quite the pushover in this fight. Every possible attack he has can be completely prevented by Card Breaking every Card he plays. Hitting him can prove to be a bit of challenge, but just use aerial combos whenever the target locks on to him.

This battle works in a steady pattern. First you need to destroy his flower petal turrets by Card Breaking them. Focus your attacks on his two scythes first, Card Breaking any attempt he makes to attack you. Once they’re destroyed, it’s time to take on Marluxia directly. Attack when the targeting icon is locked on to him, and Card Break anything and everything he throws at you, which is pretty easy if you’ve got lots of high-level Cards in your Deck (which you should at this point).

Once you’ve taken down all four of Marluxia’s HP Gauges, the battle is over. Sora emerges from the final room and seals the door. A few final cutscenes take place and the game comes to an end. Congratulations! You’ve now beaten KINGDOM HEARTS: Chain of Memories!