Floor 10 – 100 Acre Wood

The 100 Acre Wood is a very different world compared to the others you’ve visited so far. There are absolutely no Heartless and not a single battle to be found. You can either charge straight through it just to get it over with and continue on to the next Floor, or you can take your time and complete the mini game available in this world. If you do, you’ll receive a lot of good rewards for your efforts.


You can find Piglet wandering just south of where Rabbit is moving his cabbages and carrots. Luring Pooh close enough will trigger a small scene, after which you’ll receive the Confuse Sleight from Piglet.


Continue walking along until you find a group of balloons. Lead Pooh toward it and they will take him high up into the sky. When it doesn’t look like Pooh will ever come down, Owl swoops in to rescue him and hands over the Spellbinder Attack Card.


Locate a hole further down the path with a set of footprints leading into it. Lead Pooh toward the hole and let him fall in. When he climbs out, Roo will be with him, and you’ll receive the Elixir Item Card.


You’ll encounter Tigger bouncing from log to log a little up the path, but he’s too focused on what he’s doing to notice you. If you keep going, you’ll find a smaller set of logs up ahead. Lead Pooh toward them and he’ll being hopping from log to log (with a little prompting from Sora). Tigger will come along and congratulate Pooh on his bouncing. After the scene, he’ll hand over the Idyll Romp Sleight.


Eeyore has lost his tail, and he’s too preoccupied with finding it to give Pooh or Sora any notice. Continue up the path until you find a beehive along the north wall. Bring Pooh over to it and his curiosity will disturb the bees. They will chase him to a nearby tree and the ruckus will cause Eeyore’s tail to fall to the ground. Eeyore will thank you for returning his tail and reward you with the Bind Sleight.


Rabbit is actually busily collecting vegetables near the very beginning of the path, and you’ll have to travel all the way back there to get his attention. A little bit south of his location, there’s a wagon. Jump inside and signal Pooh to join you. The wagon will break and the wheel pops off.

Now head all the back to where you found Tigger and head a little bit beyond that. Cabbages will suddenly start rolling down the path, and you have to whack them off to the side with your Keyblade. Knock 14 cabbages into the pile and Rabbit will come running to see if you and Pooh are alright. After the scene, he’ll hand over the Synchro Sleight.

10th Floor Exit Hall

Boss: Vexen

HP: 1120          AP: 15          EXP: 4125

Vexen’s most annoying feature is his shield. With it, he can block any attack you make from the front. You must hit him from behind in order to actually deal any damage. Being a user of Ice Magic, Fire Magic is extremely powerful against him, so set up your Deck to feature lots of Fire-based Sleights like Firaga, Fire Raid, and others.

Vexen’s attacks aren’t too bad, and most can be avoided with a simple Card Break. His Freeze Sleight is the most devastating, as it is capable of trapping Sora in a large block of ice. This will leave you wide open for one of Vexen’s other attacks, not to mention that the Freeze alone deals quite a significant amount of damage!

Victory against Vexen earns you the Mega-Ether Item Card.

Floor 11 – Twilight Town

Key of Beginnings

Boss: Vexen

HP: 1120          AP: 20          EXP: 5700

As annoying as Vexen was during your first bout with him, he’s become even more of a pain this time around. In addition to all of his previous abilities, Vexen now has two new Sleights up his sleeve, which are very powerful and very difficult to avoid outright. Even worse, Vexen is now even harder to hit. Not only can you not attack him from the front, but now he also spins around at a moment’s notice to block from behind as well.

The only true way to deal damage here is to force Vexen to become exposed by Card Breaking everything he throws at you (or at least, everything you can). The Card Break will knock Vexen back a bit, leaving him open for attack for a short while. Take every opportunity you get and use it to the fullest. His new Iceburn and Ice Needles Sleights make it very difficult to stay on the offensive, but try to keep moving and attack Vexen when you get the chance.

Victory against Vexen earns you the Vexen Enemy Card.

11th Floor Exit Hall

Boss: Riku

HP: 1120          AP: 10          EXP: 5700

Riku’s gotten a bit tougher since you last fought him, but he’s more or less the same. His attacks are a little more relentless, but after besting Vexen in Twilight Town, you should have no trouble taking him down for a third time.

Victory against Riku earns you the Mega-Potion Item Card.