Deja Vu All Over Again

The Timeless River is a rather peculiar world dowsed in black and white. As soon as you arrive, a guy who looks and sounds an awful lot like Pete comes storming through the scene. When the cutscene ends, follow him to the “Pier” and confront him.

Boss: Captain Pete

HP: 123          STR: 20          DEF: 11

There’s something very off about this encounter with Pete. Nevertheless, he’s an obstacle in your way and needs to be dealt with. Captain Pete is not very threatening. As soon as you show any aggression, he’ll run away cowering. Nail him with a barrage of combos, but don’t get too carried away. Eventually, you’ll knock him up into the air, causing a shockwave when he lands that can actually leave quite a mark.

You should also keep him in view at all times, especially when he’s running away. Look for opportunities to use the About Face Reaction Command to avoid being steamrolled by Captain Pete’s frantic fleeing. This fight should end in no time at all, especially considering Captain Pete’s rather low HP compared to some of the more recent Boss fights you’ve had to deal with.

Piecing the Puzzle Together

After the huge mix-up, it’s time for Sora and the gang to investigate the strange world of Timeless River and see if they can locate the Cornerstone of Light. Returning to “Cornerstone Hill”, they find a series of four floating doors. Each one leads to a new area of Timeless River. As luck would have it, each area is infested with Heartless.

Event: Defeat all the Heartless at the “Building Site”

The “Building Site” makes for an interesting battlefield. Cause enough mayhem at once and entire foundation starts to shake, launching you and all of the Heartless up into the air for a while. Defeat all of the Heartless here, to reveal another hidden window. This will give you a little more insight into what’s going on.

Event: Defeat all the Heartless at the “Lilliput”

“Lilliput” features a tower in the middle of the area. You can fire the cannons at the Heartless if they start to become overwhelming. New to this battle are the Aeroplane Heartless, which hover in the air and rain down bullets from the sky. They can also charge at Sora and friends with great speed, so watch out!

Event: Defeat all the Heartless at the “Scene of the Fire”

The “Scene of the Fire” area is full of the dangerous and deadly Hot Rod Heartless. These car-like Heartless love to attack with powerful punching attacks that will knock your characters back and deal serious damage. When their HP starts to get low, they’ll resort to a mad rush, charging back and forth across the area. They are invincible while they do this, and the damage they can dish out with this attack can be lethal!

Event: Defeat all the Heartless at “Mickey’s House”

“Mickey’s House” is being destroyed by a black hole! You can calm down the mayhem by attacking the eye of the black hole, which will temporarily stop it from sucking stuff in. Defeat all of the Heartless here to finish off the job before the black hole gets out of control!

Punishing Pete

After defeating all of the Heartless in these four areas, the current situation makes a little more sense. Now it’s time to confront Pete and retrieve the Cornerstone of Light. Head out to the “Waterway” to get it back.

Boss: Pete

HP: 123          STR: 20          DEF: 11

This battle against Pete isn’t so much against Pete as it is against the cage being towed by the steamboat. The Cornerstone of Light is trapped inside and you need to get it out. Pete will start the battle by lobbing projectiles at you from the boat. Use the Juggle Parry Reaction Command to knock the objects back into the air and then follow up with the Overturn Reaction Command to knock them back at Pete. Land a few hits using this strategy and the steamboat will be knocked ashore.

Now it’s time for the tricky part! Approach the steamboat and use the Get On Reaction Command to grab hold of the crane. When it pulls you back in, attack the cage directly with combos. Watch for the Hang On Reaction Command to appear, and use it when prompted to avoid being thrown off the crane. Continue attacking the cage until it breaks.

Victory against Pete earns you the Slapshot Ability for Sora, the Fantasia and Auto Limit Abilities for Donald, and an HP +4 Get Bonus for Goofy.

Boss: Pete

HP: 784          STR: 20          DEF: 11

Time to put Pete in his place! You’ve got Captain Pete on your side for this fight, which is honestly more of a hindrance than a help. Pete can send Captain Pete flying back at you, causing a shockwave just like in your fight with Captain Pete. He can also send him running away screaming, so you should be ready to perform the About Face Reaction Command to redirect him and avoid damage.

Other than these annoyances, Pete attacks much like he did back at Olympus Coliseum. His standard barrage of cheap explosives and annoying force shield are back, so use a similar strategy to defeat him.

Periodically throughout the fight, Pete will duck down and initiate a scene change. You’ll have to fight him at each of the four locations from the windows, but this also means you’ll have the same field advantages you did then (like the cannon tower at the “Lilliput” or the shaky foundation at the “Building Site”). In the “Building Site” (which is the last location Pete brings you to), you can use the Air Slash Reaction Command when bounced into the air by the shaky foundation. Use this to really deal some damage to the off-balance Pete!

Victory in this battle earns you the Reflect Element and an HP +5 Get Bonus for Sora, an HP +4 Get Bonus for Donald, and the Goofy Tornado Ability for Goofy.

With Pete defeated and the other door sealed, Timeless River is no longer in any danger. Sora receives the Monochrome Keyblade and the gang returns to Disney Castle. After the cutscene, Sora also obtains the Wisdom Form Drive.