The World of Nobodies

When Sora and company emerge from the portal in “Betwixt and Between”, they arrive at the “Alley to Between” in a brand new world. The Organization’s stronghold is a dangerous place, so be ready for anything. The lower city areas are literally crawling with massive swarms of Heartless! Don’t worry too much though; they’re only the basic Shadows with the occasional Neoshadow. These areas are the best spot in the entire game to level up your Wisdom Form! Take some time to defeat every single Heartless that appears, you are almost guaranteed to gain a level or two.

When you arrive at “Memory’s Skyscraper”, Sora enters a one-on-one encounter with a mysterious boy in a black coat. After the cutscene, you’ll receive Secret Ansem’s Report 8. At this point, you can now trigger Final Form randomly by entering your other Drive Forms. Whenever you enter Valor Form, Wisdom Form, or Master Form, there is a slight chance that you will enter Final Form instead. Once you’ve entered Final Form for the first time, you can select it from the Drive Form Menu. Final Form cannot trigger Anti Form when you enter it, and levels up after defeating Nobodies.

The World That Never Was features a lot of lengthy cutscenes as you make your way through the castle. When you enter “The Brink of Despair”, you should collect the Orichalcum + from the nearby Treasure Chest before entering the castle.

The Sharp Shooter

The path up through the castle is a pretty straight line, and aside from cutscenes and various fights against swarms of Nobodies, there isn’t anything overly important to worry about until you reach the “Hall of Empty Melodies”. Xigbar, one of the Organization’s last surviving members, is waiting to ambush you when you arrive!

Boss: Xigbar

HP: 1300          STR: 45          DEF: 26

Xigbar will not be pulling any punches in this match. Similar to his Sniper underlings, Xigbar warps around the room a lot and fires off energy bullets from a distance. Reflega and Guard will be your best friends in this fight.

To start, Xigbar snipes at you from a high-up platform. Use the Break Reaction Command when prompted and follow it up with several Warp Snipe Reaction Commands to bash Xigbar’s bullets back at him. After taking a few hits in this manner, Xigbar returns to the lower level to fight with you up close. Use the Guard Ability of Reflega spell to knock every single bullet Xigbar fires back at him. This is easily the most effective way to damage him. Wait until you’ve dazed him with his own bullets before approaching him for some aerial combos.

Xigbar will change the shape of the arena constantly as the fight continues. In every stage, the strategy is still the same. Use Guard or Reflega to bounce his bullets back at him, and then get to him while he’s knocked out and unleash a combo or two. Some of the room layouts may require you to knock him out a few times before you can actually reach him.

Whenever Xigbar charges up a massive bullet, you can get in front of it and use a series of Warp Snipe Reaction Commands to redirect the bullet, usually back at Xigbar. This will deal some decent damage, so be on the lookout for this opportunity.

As the battle gets down to the wire, Xigbar rearranges the room into a small square platform. In a bout of invulnerability, Xigbar unleashes a steady barrage of bullets from all directions. You have three options when it comes to avoiding this attack. The first is to simply run around in circles, but this can be tricky. If you bump into anything or slow down, the bullets will catch up with and you will not be able to escape the steady stream. The second option is to constantly use Reflega magic to create a continuous shield against the bullets. If you run out of MP though, you’ll be a sitting duck. The final option, and easily the best way to ensure that you take no damage, is to enter a Limit Command. You won’t be able to damage Xigbar at all, but at least he won’t be able to damage you. Donald’s Duck Flare Limit Command usually provides enough invulnerability to get you through this attack. Just remember that you won’t have any MP when Xigbar calms down.

Victory against Xigbar earns you the last Magnet Element for Sora (upgrading his Magnera spell to Magnega), an extra Item Slot as a Get Bonus for Donald, and an HP +4 Get Bonus for Goofy.

With Xigbar gone, you’ll receive Secret Ansem’s Report 3. Continue up the castle until you reach the upper level of the “Hall of Empty Melodies”. Here, Sora is reunited with Kairi and Riku, though Riku’s not exactly himself these days. Sora obtains the Oblivion Keyblade.

The Gambler of Fate

Head into the “Proof of Existence” and save your game if you wish. The way forward is blocked by a shield, but there is a doorway to “Havoc’s Divide”. Enter through there when you’re ready to continue.

Boss: Luxord

HP: N/A          STR: 45          DEF: 26

The fight with Luxord is not your typical battle. Instead of depleting his HP like you normally would, this battle features the Time Gauge. Both Sora and Luxord have Time Gauges at the top of the screen. The first person to run out of time is the loser. Unfortunately, the battle can also end if Sora’s HP reaches 0, so you need to be watching your Time Gauge AND your HP Gauge in this fight.

To deplete Luxord’s time, you’ll need to do more than just inflict damage, though dealing out standard attacks does lower his time to some degree. You’ll need to essentially see through all of Luxord’s ruses and react accordingly. When the battle begins, Luxord will most likely transform Sora into a die or a card. There really isn’t any way to prevent this, so just approach him and continuously attack to stave him off. When Sora’s Drive Gauge depletes, he’ll transform back into his normal form.

Luxord attacks a lot by using giant playing cards. You can use the Flip Reaction Command to destroy the cards and deplete some of Luxord’s Time Gauge as a result. If Luxord ever transforms himself into a card, follow him with your eyes and use the Flip Reaction Command on him to really take a chunk out of his Time Gauge.

As the battle continues, Luxord will scatter cards all over the ground. He can warp in and out of these cards and attack with them as he goes. Try to anticipate his movements and interrupt him with a combo or two to stave off his assault.

Being a gambler by nature, the fight with Luxord wouldn’t be complete without a little bit of Roulette. Use the Begin Game Reaction Command when prompted to enter a brief game with Luxord. The commands in your Command Menu will be replaced with X’s and O’s. The goal is to press the X Button when selecting an O and not an X. If you are successful, this will deal a serious blow to Luxord’s Time Gauge. If you get it wrong, the game with backfire and your own Time Gauge will suffer. Plus, you’ll be transformed back into a die or a card!

Victory against Luxord earns you an HP +5 Get Bonus for Sora.

Defeating Luxord allows you to return to the “Proof of Existence”. Before you do, you’ll receive Secret Ansem’s Report 9.

The Luna Diviner

Return to the “Proof of Existence” and enter through the new door to the “Addled Impasse”. Saix is waiting there to put an end to you!

Boss: Saix

HP: 1500          STR: 45          DEF: 26

Behind Saix’s outward stoicism lies a truly frightening rage! Saix’s Berserk Gauge at the top left corner of the screen marks both how long his rampages will last and how long until he can enter it again.

The battles starts immediately with one of Saix’s outbursts. During this time, Saix is immune to standard attacks, and his attacks are positively lethal! As you dodge his attacks, look for instances in which he drops his weapon. If you can get to it and use the Berserk Reaction Command to grab hold of it. Approach Saix with it and use the Eclipse Reaction Command followed by the Magna Storm Reaction Command to force Saix out of his berserk state.

When Saix is calmed down, he’s still pretty powerful, but nowhere near as relentless. Attack him with standard combos and Limit Commands to deal damage. Watch his Berserk Gauge as you fight. When it fills again, he can enter another berserk run!

As the battle progresses, Saix’s berserk rampages get more severe. If you’ve managed to level up your Final Form enough to have learned the Glide Ability, this is the best way to avoid him during his more serious outbursts.

Victory against Saix earns you a Drive +1 Get Bonus for Sora, an HP +4 Get Bonus for Donald, and an extra Item Slot as a Get Bonus for Goofy.

Beating Saix also earns you Secret Ansem’s Report 12. With Saix gone, the only remaining member of the Organization is their leader, Xemnas. Continue up to “Naught’s Approach” for a rather long cutscene, after which, Riku joins the Party and you receive Secret Ansem’s Report 11.

The Organization’s Last Survivor

Continue up the castle, defeating enemies and watching more cutscenes as you go, until you reach the very top. Xemnas has nowhere left to run, but he’s not about to go anywhere without teaching you a lesson first.

Boss: Xemnas

HP: 1500          STR: 45          DEF: 26

This battle is a one-on-one showdown with the Organization’s Superior. Drive Forms, Summons, and Limit Commands aren’t available here, but you really won’t need them. If you need something more powerful, you can rely on your handy Trinity Limit Limit Command to deal some decent damage.

Xemnas starts the battle by placing some sort of ring around Sora and vanishing. This ring will continually sap life from Sora until you approach the skyscraper and use the Face Down Reaction Command. Sora climbs the skyscraper as Xemnas jumps down to meet him halfway. The following Reaction Command can result in multiple scenarios depending on when you hit it. The best scenario is triggered when you hit the Clash Reaction Command, which will deal some damage to Xemnas when he and Sora cross paths. It’ll also leave him knocked out for a short time when you get back down the ground. Use this opening to unleash a string of blows before he bounces back.

Xemnas warps around a lot, but you can always track his movements by following the dark cloud he summons. Xemnas’s standard attacks are combos with his ethereal blades, which can be long and add up to a lot of damage by the time he’s done. Use the Reflega spell to block his combos and knock him back with the residual explosion.

Xemnas may invoke a shield whenever you try to advance towards him. This can make reaching him more difficult, but if you approach him in more of an arc-like motion rather than straight on, you’ll be able to sneak around it and pelt him with blows from behind.

Victory against Xemnas earns you an MP +10 Get Bonus for Sora.

With Xemnas gone, you’ll receive Secret Ansem’s Report 13. Despite the brief moment of victory, your work here isn’t done.

Not Quite Done Yet

The door to Kingdom Hearts presents itself for you to follow Xemnas. Before you enter, you may want to consider returning to a few worlds and completing some Minigames and Side Quests that you may have missed. If you’re playing on the Normal Difficulty Mode, you should consider completing Jiminy’s Journal to 100%. Doing so unlocks a special secret video at the end of the credits!

When you’re ready, approach the door and enter. Be prepared for the long haul because there is no turning back once you step inside.