Hostile Bastion Takeover

When you return to Hollow Bastion, things have gotten a lot worse! The MCP is acting up even more than usual, and to make matters worse, it’s got control of the “Heartless Manufactory” and is cranking out wave after wave of Heartless. The once-helpful Hollow Bastion security system has been corrupted and is now attacking allies instead of enemies, so watch your step as you head to “Merlin’s House”.

Leon and the gang are working on a fix for the problem when you arrive. Cid and Merlin are busy writing a virus that will destroy the MCP for good! Head all the way out to “Ansem’s Study” and talk to Leon and Aerith in the computer room in the mean time. Leon hands over the Sleeping Lion Keyblade for Sora. When you’re ready, head over to the computer terminal and enter Space Paranoids.

System Lockdown

The MCP has captured Tron and forced him into the “Game Grid”. Use the terminal in the “Pit Cell” to access it. When you arrive, the Heartless are running rampant!

Event: Defeat all the Heartless

Tron joins your Party for the skirmish against the Heartless in the “Game Grid”. Watch for opportunities to use the Quick Blade Reaction Command with the Magnum Loaders. This will make it easier to quickly tear through large clusters of Heartless.

Defeating the Heartless warps Tron and the trio back to the “Pit Cell”. Head over to the “I/O Tower: Hallway”. More Heartless are waiting for you when you arrive!

Event: Defeat all the Heartless

Another ambush of Heartless waits for you on your way to the “I/O Tower: Communications Room”. The typical assortment of Strafers, Magnum Loaders, and Devastators makes up the group, so use the strategies you’ve used time and time again to defeat them.

To Delete a Virus

Head into the “I/O Tower: Communications Room” so Leon and the gang can transmit some new toys to help you against the MCP, including flight patterns for the solar sailor. With these, you can finally head through the doorway to the left in the “I/O Tower: Hallway. Once inside, enter the solar sailor and turn it on at the front console.

Event: Defend the Solar Sailor

Along your trip to the “Central Computer Mesa”, the Heartless ambush you on the solar sailor. You’ll need to defeat them without letting them cause too much chaos on board. If too many Heartless appear on the sailor at once, the weight becomes too much for the sailor to handle and you’ll fall off the track. Defeat Heartless quickly using Limit Commands and Drive Forms to avoid being knocked off course!

Victory in this event earns you an HP +5 Get Bonus for Sora, the MP Hastera Ability for Donald, an HP +4 Get Bonus for Goofy, and an HP +5 Get Bonus for Tron.

When the gang arrives at the “Central Computer Mesa”, be sure to grab the Orichalcum + and the Cosmic Arts from the nearby Treasure Chests. These items are very rare and useful, so you don’t want to miss them! Head into the “Central Computer Core” when you’re ready to deres the MCP!

Boss: Sark

HP: 460          STR: 42          DEF: 24

Sark stands between you and the MCP when you arrive in the “Central Computer Core”. He’ll summon some Heartless to his side, but they’re nothing you can’t handle. You can mostly focus on Sark and let the rest of the Party deal with the Heartless.

Sark attacks similarly to Tron, using his data disc as a projectile for most of his assaults. You can use the Zone Guard Reaction Command, followed by the Disc Strike Reaction Command to use his data disc against him. Easier than that, you can simply use the Guard Ability or a Reflect spell to knock Sark’s disc back at him.

Sark likes to warp around a lot, which can make him a hard target to hit. Just use the lock-on feature when you lose track of him to quickly locate him again and power through with combos and Limit Commands.

Boss: MCP

HP: 920          STR: 42          DEF: 24

With Sark defeated, the MCP transfers some of its power into Sark’s body to revive him … and then some. The giant Sark now looms high over Sora and friends as you battle the MCP!

The wall panels surrounding the MCP need to be destroyed before you can reach the MCP inside. You should focus on taking care of Sark before you attempt to break off the panels though. Sark’s legs are your target at first, crippling him as you deal damage. Watch out for all of the lightning scattered about and be careful; Sark will try to smash you away as you attack his legs. When you take him out at the shins, Sark will drop, allowing you to attack his head for some real damage! Repeat this pattern until you’ve depleted Sark’s HP.

Now focus on attacking the panels protecting the MCP. You can damage them with standard combos, but watch out for when they spin! Break through one of them and use the Erase Reaction Command (which you can only trigger if you have Tron in your Party and he is alive) followed by the Charge Reaction Command. Rapidly press the Triangle Button to deal massive damage to the MCP. Continue this attack until the MCP knocks you away with the rotating panels.

Lasers will start to fire from the panel ring. These are easy to dodge by jumping and staying in front of panels that aren’t firing. At this point, the MCP will revive Sark again. Repeat the steps mentioned above to take him out again. Another option is to simply run away. After running a good distance away, Sark will raise a wall to block Sora’s escape. Use the High Climb Reaction Command near the wall, followed by the Needle Dive Reaction Command to leap up and bash Sark right in the head, allowing you to skip having to take him out at the legs before knocking him unconscious. This is a much faster method for defeating Sark, so you can get back to beating the MCP!

Victory against the MCP earns you an HP +5 Get Bonus and the last Reflect Element for Sora (upgrading his Reflera spell to Reflega), an HP +4 Get Bonus for Donald, an extra Accessory Slot as a Get Bonus for Goofy, and an HP +5 Get Bonus for Tron.

With the MCP defeated, the gang says their good-byes to Tron and returns to Hollow Bastion. Tron uncovers some data from inside the system and transforms Hollow Bastion to its former glory, Radiant Garden.