Friends Old and New

Upon touching down in Hollow Bastion, the gang runs into Cloud in the “Marketplace”. He’ll warn you about a character named Sephiroth who is apparently a really bad guy. After the scene, head off to “Merlin’s House” to talk to the gang.

It turns out that they’ve located Ansem’s computer somewhere on the outskirts of the city. Head out to the “Bailey” for your first encounter with the Gullwings. After meeting them, continue through to the “Restoration Site”, defeating Heartless along the way, until you reach the “Postern”. Aerith is there when you arrive.

Head into the “Corridors” and make your way through the maze until you reach “Ansem’s Study”. There will be Heartless all throughout the tunnels, so watch out. Inside “Ansem’s Study”, Leon reveals a secret entrance to a lab behind the wall. The gang is accidentally sucked into a completely different world when they start messing around with Ansem’s computer.

Prisoners of the System

When the gang arrives in Space Paranoids, they aren’t greeted with the friendliest welcome in the world. They are imprisoned with Tron, a program trying to free the system from the MCP and his second-in-command, Sark.

Event: Unlock the Pit Cell Gate

There’s only one way out of the “Pit Cell” area and into the “Canyon”. You’ll have to unlock the gate that blocks off the only exit from the “Pit Cell”, and to do that, you’re going to need your trusty Keyblade in hand.

The Pit Cell gate will release Energy Clusters upon being hit with standard attacks. The Energy Clusters will scatter all over the floor after a few good whacks. Collect enough Energy Clusters to fill the Clusters Gauge at the top left of the screen, then follow up with the Freeze Reaction Command to unlock the gate and open the path to the “Canyon”.

With the path to the “Canyon” open, it’s time to head out. Though the game recommends that you switch Tron into your Party, we recommend you don’t. Tron’s full set of Abilities won’t be unlocked until later, and until then, he really isn’t much of a help in battle. Plus, having Donald and Goofy with you will give you full access to all of your Drive Forms in case you need them.

In the “Canyon”, turn left into the central hub just a few steps from the lift. Examine the hub when you get close to turn on the Energy Core.

Event: Access the Energy Core

This challenge has you following the red block amidst a sea of blue blocks. As they spin, the red block will slowly fade to blue. Eventually, the blocks will scatter and you’ll have to attack the real red block in order to clear the challenge.

If you accidentally destroy the wrong blocks, they’ll drop more Energy Clusters, which will allow you to use the Freeze Reaction Command if you collect enough of them. This will freeze all of the blocks for a short time and reveal the red one.

Return to the “Pit Cell” after activating the Energy Core and approach the terminal to return to Hollow Bastion.

The King’s Gift

Tron charged Sora and the gang with locating a password for the DTD so he can regain all of his prior functions. The password is somewhere in “Ansem’s Study”, so you’ll have to search everywhere. Head out of the lab for a short cutscene, during which Sora finds the password and King Mickey makes his entrance. Talk to him, and he’ll give Sora the Master Drive Form. This is a very powerful Drive Form that uses both Party members and 4 Drive Points to activate. Master Form boasts all the strength and speed of Valor Form combined with the magic and mobility of Wisdom Form! It is truly a useful advantage to have in a clutch situation!

Upon heading back to the computer, be sure to grab the Ukulele Charm from the Treasure Chest between the lab and the study. This will allow Sora to summon Stitch in battle! When you’re ready, return to the computer and re-enter Space Paranoids.

The Game Grid Gauntlet

Upon returning to Space Paranoids, the trio is transferred over to the “Game Grid”. To rescue Tron, Sora must navigate the Light Cycle challenge and find a way out of the grid!

Event: Escape the Game Grid on the Light Cycle

The first stage of this event challenges you to defeat 5 Heartless while riding on the Light Cycle. The Magnum Loaders are all over the track, so use the Light Cycle to ram into them and take them out. The new controls for the Light Cycle are listed in place of your usual Command Menu.

The second stage has you racing down the track to escape the “Game Grid”. You’ll need to navigate through the maze and defeat Heartless as you make your escape. Use the L1 Button to turn a sharp left and the R1 Button to turn a sharp right when necessary, and defeat Heartless along the track when too many of them start to get on your tail.

Accessing the DTD

After freeing Tron from the “Game Grid”, the gang returns to the “Pit Cell”. It’s time to head out to the “Dataspace” so Tron can access his old functions. Head back into the “Canyon” and go up the steps along the outer edge of the central hub. Take a right when you get to the top and enter the “Dataspace” through the doorway just ahead.

Event: Access the Dataspace

When the Party tries to access the DTD, the MCP intervenes and unleashes a swarm of Heartless into the “Dataspace”. The only way to stop them from coming is to reclaim all of the corrupted monitors in the room. Defeat the endless amounts of Heartless that appear to collect Energy Clusters to fill your Clusters Gauge. Once it’s full, approach one of the three monitors and use the Freeze Reaction Command to reclaim it. Repeat this process until all three monitors are back under your control.

Victory in this event earns you an HP +5 Get Bonus for Sora, the Thunder Boost Ability for Donald, an HP +4 Get Bonus for Goofy, and an HP +10 Get Bonus for Tron.

The MCP has unleashed something nasty into the I/O Tower! Return to the “Canyon” and head straight across to the lift. Ride it across to the “I/O Tower: Hallway”. Turn to the right and enter the wide-open part of the room for another encounter with the Heartless!

Event: Defeat all the Heartless

The path to the “I/O Tower: Communications Room” is blocked off by Heartless, and not just any Heartless either. This fight features some nasty Heartless called Devastators who certainly live up to their name! You may want to use a Limit Command or two to take them out with ease. You could also go into a Drive Form, but you may want to save that for a little later on.

When you enter the “I/O Tower: Communications Room”, Tron receives a bit of an upgrade by accessing the center console, gaining an AP +8 Get Bonus. When you’re ready, head back out into the “I/O Tower: Hallway”.

Boss: Hostile Program

HP: 640          STR: 27          DEF: 15

The fight against the Hostile Program has the potential to be a very difficult endeavor. The key to defeating it is properly using the Freeze Reaction Command. When you attack the Hostile Program, it will drop Energy Clusters in its wake. Collect enough of them and use the Freeze Reaction Command to temporarily stun the Hostile Program in its tracks. Use this opportunity to deal some decent damage before it starts moving again.

When the time catches up with the Hostile Program and the Freeze Reaction Command wears off, any hits you landed while it was frozen will catch up with it, causing it to drop a ton of Energy Clusters, putting you well on your way to being able to freeze it once again. In the meantime, the Hostile Program will undoubtedly use some of its own attacks to keep you on the defensive.

The Hostile Program attacks with many different forms of projectiles. Most of these can be avoided by using your Reflect magic. If you’ve leveled up your Wisdom Form at all, you can use the Quick Run Ability to easily catch up to the Hostile Program and deal some damage, collecting more Energy Clusters as you go. Tron’s newly acquired Limit Command comes in serious handy for dealing massive damage, so use it periodically (especially when you manage to freeze the Hostile Program).

When the battle starts to get serious, the Hostile Program will start using some erratic laser patterns that can be a real pain to avoid. When the Hostile Program positions itself in the center of the arena, it’s a good time to unleash a Freeze Reaction Command if you have enough Energy Clusters, or use Tron’s Limit Command. Either one will prevent you from being hit by the Hostile Program’s upcoming attack. The arms will detach and move around separately, firing lasers in all directions. If you freeze it, you’ll avoid this attack completely. If you can’t, use a Limit Command to avoid taking damage during the assault (Tron’s Limit Command lasts a very long time, so it’s perfect for avoiding this attack).

You’ll want to save your Drive Gauge for when the battle starts to get down to the wire. The extra speed and power granted from either Valor Form or Master Form will help you gain the upper hand as the battle starts to reach its end. Wisdom Form is also good for landing a lot of hits quickly while maintaining your distance. Just keep in mind that Master Form will not level up at all from this fight, and Wisdom Form will only gain 1 EXP. If you want the biggest gain from this fight, we recommend using Valor Form to finish off the Hostile Program for good. Just remember that you don’t have access to magic while in Valor Form, which means you won’t have your handy Cure spell to bail you out of a tight spot.

Victory against the Hostile Program earns you a Drive +1 Get Bonus and the Horizontal Slash Ability for Sora, an HP +4 Get Bonus for Donald, the Jackpot Ability for Goofy, and an HP +15 Get Bonus for Tron.

After defeating the Hostile Program, Sora obtains the Photon Debugger Keyblade before returning to Hollow Bastion.