The One-Winged Angel

Before getting too invested in this section of the game, you should know that this section can be completed at any time and does not have to be done right after you exit Space Paranoids. You may skip this section and continue on to the next if you like.

Return all the way down to the “Great Maw” and press on even further into “The Dark Depths”. Cloud’s nemesis, Sephiroth, is overlooking the canyon. Before you even consider approaching him, you should be prepared for anything. Do not talk to him unless you have already done the following:

  • Equip the Once More, Second Chance, Trinity Limit, Reaction Boost, Combination Boost, Berserk Charge, Counterguard, Quick Run, High Jump, and Aerial Dodge Abilities if you haven’t already.
  • Fill every slot in Sora’s Item Menu with Elixirs. Be sure to set them to Auto-Reload.
  • Adjust your Magic Shortcut Menu to include Curaga, Reflega, and two slots for the Elixirs.
  • Equip the most powerful Keyblade you own.
  • Equip the most powerful Armor and Accessories you own.

When you’re ready, talk to Sephiroth.

Boss: Sephiroth

HP: 3000          STR: 42          DEF: 24

When the battle starts, immediately use the Block Reaction Command to counter Sephiroth’s impending attack. If you don’t, this attack will reduce your HP to 1! He will perform this move randomly throughout the battle, so always be ready to press the Triangle Button to perform the Block Reaction Command! Sephiroth remains still for a few seconds after this attack, so lock on to him and use Sora’s solo Trinity Limit Limit Command to its fullest (which should be three complete combos with the Combination Boost Ability equipped). This strategy will easily deplete a few bars of Sephiroth’s impressive HP Gauge.

With the Berserk Charge Ability equipped, your combos will never end as long as your MP Gauge is still recharging. Follow up the Trinity Limit assault with an endless barrage of attacks until Sephiroth breaks away. When he warps, use the lock-on feature to find him again.

Sephiroth’s standard combo is a flurry of fast-paced sword combos. If you use the Guard Ability, you can follow up after blocking his initial swing with the X Button to break Sephiroth’s combo and leave him open for another Berserk Charge (you need to have the Counterguard Ability to interrupt enemy attacks after using the Guard Ability).

Sephiroth’s other go-to attack happens when you get too close to him. He’ll raise a wall of fire that sucks you toward it and deals some pretty drastic damage! Continually use the Quick Run Ability to dash away from the pillar until it goes away.

Whenever your MP returns, you should lock on to Sephiroth and use another Trinity Limit Limit Command. Repeat the above pattern until Sephiroth begins to really make things interesting. As the battle brings Sephiroth to about half of his maximum HP, he’ll start to get a little harder. He’ll speed up and call swarms of dark orbs that will float in the air and zoom in around you after a while. Use your Reflega magic to defend against the dark orbs when they close in.

Sephiroth’s most dangerous attack is quite easy to avoid, but disastrous if you don’t. Sephiroth will warp away and rise up into the air. You’ll hear him say “Sin Heartless Angel”, which marks the time window you have to get to him and unleash a few blows. If he says the whole phrase before you reach him, Sora’s HP will be reduced to 1 and his MP will drop to 0! Use the lock-on feature to find him quickly and use the Aerial Dodge Ability to reach him with ease. If you can’t reach him in time, be ready with an Elixir to replenish your HP and MP!

As Sephiroth reaches his last few bars of health, he’ll use his dreaded Meteor attack. Use the Quick Run Ability to dash around the outer edges of the cliff as Sephiroth rains down a relentless barrage of meteors. Use Elixirs to heal if you get hit, but don’t stay in one place for two long!

Victory against Sephiroth earns you a Drive +1 Get Bonus for Sora.

Showdown of Fate

After everything you went through to survive the encounter with Sephiroth, he just brushes it off like it was nothing. He asks you to find Cloud and deliver a message for him. It’s time to hike all the way back up to the “Marketplace” in town. You’ll find Cloud there, so tell him where Sephiroth is. Return to the “Dark Depths” and speak with Sephiroth one last time. Cloud appears and the two clash in one of the most epic confrontations of all time. When all is set and done, Tifa hands Sora the Fenrir Keyblade, one of the most powerful Keyblades in the game!