The Last Day

On the 6th Day in Twilight Town, things really start coming to a head. After the strange occurrence at the “Usual Spot”, you should probably save your game before heading back outside. Axel and a hoard of Nobodies are waiting outside for you, including a new form of Nobody called an Assassin.

Event: Defeat all the Nobodies

The Dusks that appear should be no problem, but the new Assassin enemies are tricky. They hide underground, completely out of phase, until they pop above to strike. When they’re in the ground, they are entirely immune to everything. When they raise their arms straight up, they are about to unleash a flurry of swiping attacks, which can be blocked with the Guard Ability. Blocking this attack will knock them up out of the ground, leaving them open to hit with some combos to destroy them. Be quick though. If you let an Assassin live for too long, they will charge at you and self-detonate, dealing some really devastating damage!

This battle will end if one of the following conditions is met:
1. All enemies are defeated.
2. Roxas’s HP falls below 30%.

To the Old Mansion

Some more strange happenings cut you a break, leaving Axel frozen in place while you make your getaway. Time to make a run for the “Old Mansion”. Get all the way there and open the gate using the Keyblade, then head inside.

The rooms in the mansion are full of Nobodies, so be on guard. Head up the left-side stairs and around the corner to the left. Through the door is the “White Room”, where another cutscene awaits you. Collect Namine’s Sketches and the Mansion Map, then head back out into the “Foyer”. Head across the upper balcony to the other door on the right-hand side. This leads you to the “Library”. After Roxas examines the sketch on the table, the floor vanishes, revealing a staircase leading down into the “Computer Room”.

Roxas lets out some frustration on the computer terminal, which opens a door into the “Basement Hall”. There are more Nobodies waiting for you when you enter the room.

Event: Defeat all the Nobodies

Clear out the whole room of all of the Nobodies, including the Dusks and Assassins. Use the usual strategies to defeat these enemies, and try not to take too much damage. You’ll need full HP for the next battle!

Right after the Nobodies clear out, Axel catches up with you. It’s time for the ultimate showdown between former friends. Axel is not holding back anymore. Fortunately, Roxas has a new advantage – two Keyblades!

Boss: Axel

HP: 345          STR: 6          DEF: 2

Starting off the fight, Axel unleashes a large attack that turns the floor into burning magma that will slowly sap your HP. The fire walls will hurt you if you get too close, so watch your surroundings. Attack Axel with a flurry of blows. With two Keyblades, your combos will last much longer. If you knock him up in the air, you can follow through with the Burst Edge Reaction Command. Continue with the Overtaker Reaction Command and finally, finish with the Clear Light Reaction Command. This assault deals a lot of damage to Axel and removes the magma from the floor.

If Axel ever jumps back into the flames, be ready to trigger the Burst Edge Reaction Command again, which will work a little differently this time. As Axel comes flying out of the fire wall, trigger the Burst Edge Reaction Command to jump out of the way and hurl both Keyblades at him to deal damage while evading his attack. Continue to pelt Axel with combo after combo and he will drop in no time.

Victory against Axel earns you the HP +5 Get Bonus.

With Axel defeated, Roxas proceeds to the “Pod Room” for a series of lengthy cutscenes. The Prologue sequence is officially over.