The 7 Wonders of Twilight Town

Like typical teenagers, it seems that Roxas and friends have left their summer homework for the last possible minute, so they decide to investigate the mysterious Seven Wonders of Twilight Town for their report. Head up to “Sunset Station” and board the train to the other side of town. This brand new area is riddled with strange happenings. Fortunately, Pence has mapped them out, so you can easily figure out where to go.

The first wonder is addressed in the cutscene that plays when you first leave the train. Apparently, the steps count different going up and down. It seems that Rai simply can’t count.

Event: The 2nd Wonder – The Friend From Beyond the Wall

The first real wonder to be investigated is the mysterious back alley. Examine the wall and orbs will start flying out at you. Make your way to the wall by avoiding the orbs and examine it again to put this rumor to rest.

Event: The 3rd Wonder – The Moans From the Tunnel

Examine the large tunnel close to the alley to trigger the next investigation. Inside, Roxas finds Vivi … and Vivi … and Vivi. The whole room is full of Vivi clones, and you need to take them all out. They attack similar to how Vivi did during the Struggle Tournament, so use a similar strategy, but watch out! There are 14 of them bouncing around this time, so it’s a little more complicated!

Event: The 4th Wonder – The Doppelganger

The next wonder is over at the waterfall. Examine it and your reflection will suddenly come to life, and it’s looking for a fight. Since Shadow Roxas is essentially a copy of you, its battle style is identical to yours. You should be able to easily defeat your shadowy doppelganger.

Event: The 5th Wonder – The Animated Bag

The final wonder to investigate is atop “Sunset Hill”. Examine the bag at the top of the hill to start this escapade. The bag will suddenly start moving and you have to grab hold and not let go. Press the Triangle Button to grab on and use the Jump Reaction Command when prompted to avoid being thrown off when the bag approaches a trash can. Keep this up until the bag’s gauge empties and your investigation will be complete. Turns out, it was just a dog inside that bag the whole time … or was it?

The 6th Wonder is a mysterious Ghost Train that has no driver, no passengers, no conductor – no nothing! The gang watches for it in a cutscene, and after Roxas thinks he saw it, they head back to “Sunset Station” to see for sure. After some strange happenings, the gang heads back to the main town, where Pence reveals the final wonder – a girl in the second story window of the “Old Mansion”. Head out there for one final cutscene before the day ends.