Learning How to Struggle

The Struggle Tournament is finally here, but before you can compete, you’ll need to learn the rules. Make your way to the “Sandlot” and speak to the referee by the score board to learn the basics of Struggle gameplay. Basically, all you have to do is hit your opponent to knock their orbs out onto the ground. Collect more orbs than your opponent by the time the match and you win. If you manage to collect all 200 of the orbs available in the match, the Struggle will end regardless of the time limit.

Once you’ve finished with the referee, talk to the announcer in the center of the ring to get the games underway. Your first opponent is none other than Roxas’s best friend, Hayner.

Event: Beat Hayner in the Struggle

Being the first contender in the Struggle Tournament, obviously Hayner won’t be too difficult to overcome. His attacks consist of two-hit combos that can easily be dodged and often leave him fully exposed for you to land a few hits and collect a few orbs.

You can also use the Guard Ability to block his attacks and knock him back, providing another opening to land a combo and collect some orbs.

Event: Beat Vivi in the Struggle

Vivi is a much more ferocious Struggle contestant, so you need to have a bit more of a strategy if you’re gonna win this fight. The Guard Ability comes in mighty handy during this skirmish, so use it to stop his attacks and knock him back.

Vivi’s biggest weakness is the time it takes for him to let out one of his attacks. Wait until he strikes, making sure to keep your distance. Then, when he’s not moving, close in and land a few hits to scatter his orbs around the ring.

Not Your Average Combatants

After putting Vivi in his place, he transforms into a Dusk. Several others appear and you’ll have to take them all out.

Event: Defeat all the Dusks

Use the same strategy you always use to defeat all of the Dusks quickly. Use the Reversal Reaction Command to sneak behind them and let out a combo to knock them back. Keep the others in check as you single out one. It’s easier if you take them out one at a time.

Try to avoid taking damage though; you’ll need all of the HP you have to take on the fight to follow.

Immediately after taking down the Dusks, a mysterious man in a black coat who goes by the name of Axel shows up and challenges Roxas to a one-on-one bout.

Boss: Axel

HP: 105          STR: 5          DEF: 2

Axel is a real powerhouse compared to everything you’ve faced so far. He’s fast and he’s strong, so you need to keep moving if you want to survive. His primary attacks can be kind of annoying, since he evades off to the side after nailing you with this chakrams. You can use the Guard Ability to block his attacks and knock him back slightly, then follow up with a few hits of your own.

When Axel kneels down, be cautious. He stays there for a while, so you could land a quick combo if you’re close enough. But watch out, because he’ll eventually rise up and swing around behind Roxas and nail you with a fiery assault. This attack can deal some decent damage, so you should try to avoid this attack as best you can. It cannot be blocked by the Guard Ability, so you need to resort to running away to avoid being hit.

If at any point, Axel’s upper body starts to catch fire, back off! He’s about to unleash his most devastating assault, and you don’t want to get caught in the blast path. Just let him finish and then move back in to land some combos.

Back to the Tournament

After you defeat Axel, he’ll disappear and the tournament resumes as if nothing ever happened. It’s time to take on the champion of Struggle, Setzer.

Event: Beat Setzer in the Struggle

You don’t have to beat Setzer to advance the story, but victory is always better than defeat. Time to mop the floor with that smug jerk! Setzer attacks with rapid blows and his combos can last about six or seven hits, which can knock out a lot of your orbs. To avoid this, use your trusty Guard Ability to block his assault and knock him back, leaving him wide open for an advance of your own.

You’re going to want to keep moving in this match. Setzer’s attacks can easily cover the width of the ring, so they can be rather difficult to dodge if you’re not already in motion. Use the Lock-On feature to track him when he gets too far away from you.

Victory against Setzer earns you the Champion Belt. If you lose, you still get the Medal. Win or lose, you’ll also receive the Struggle Trophy