Controlling Your Character

After a rather lengthy and somewhat mysterious introduction, KINGDOM HEARTS II begins in Twilight Town, a bustling town that is home to Roxas, Hayner, Pence, and Olette. These four friends have quite the predicament on there hands, and you’ll need to learn the basics of maneuvering your character in order to get to the bottom of things.

When gameplay begins, you’re placed in control of Roxas, a young boy who keeps having mysterious dreams about another boy (a boy who should be rather familiar to you). The purpose of this first day is to learn the basics of controlling your character, so follow the prompts when they are given to get through the first stretch of the day. You’ll learn basic movement, camera controls, Reaction Commands, and the lock-on feature for the first few tasks.

The Basics of Battle

After completing all of the instructions given, the game brings you into a test battle against Seifer, a rival gang leader who clearly has a bone to pick with Roxas and his friends. Winning or losing doesn’t matter, but before you can fight, you have to choose a practice weapon. It doesn’t matter which one you pick, but depending on which one you select, you’ll receive a Strength +1, Magic +1, or Defense +1 Get Bonus. Get Bonuses are additional stat boosts that you receive from clearing certain objectives or defeating certain enemies throughout the game.

Miniboss: Seifer

HP: 100          STR: 5          DEF: 2

Seifer is not a very threatening opponent. This is a practice fight after all, and whether you win or lose, the story will continue on. The purpose of this battle is to get the basics of the battle system, which will be pretty easy if you played past installments of the KINGDOM HEARTS series. Attack by selecting the Attack Command with the X Button. Use the Attack Command several times in a row to unleash a full combo of attacks, which is easily the most effective way to defeat enemies.

Keep moving using the Left Analogue Stick, and adjust the camera when you need to with the Right Analogue Stick. You can use the Lock-On Feature by pressing the R1 Button. This will allow you to track your foe’s movements during battle. Push through with your attacks to easily get the upper hand over Seifer.

Chase Down the Thief

After the battle, a mysterious white creature swoops in and steals Pence’s camera. Follow it into the woods and eventually to the “Old Mansion” beyond. The creature is standing by the large gate, so approach it to trigger your first real battle!

Boss: Dusk

HP: ???          STR: 5          DEF: 2

Though this is technically the first real Boss fight of the game, this is still pretty much a practice battle. At first, you won’t be able to do anything with your Struggle Bat, so just rely on the Reversal Reaction Command to avoid all of the Dusk’s attacks.

After a while, Roxas’s Struggle Bat will change, taking the form of the all-too-familiar Keyblade. Armed with this true weapon, you can now actually deal damage to the Dusk. Continue to use the Reversal Reaction Command to avoid taking damage. After Roxas swings behind the Dusk, attack it with a few hits, but don’t commit to a full combo. If you deal the full three hits, you’ll be temporarily left open, giving the Dusk the opportunity to nail with a blow of its own.