Ghost of Scar

When our trio returns to the Pride Lands, it seems that a ghost of Scar has been appearing all over the place. Head to “Pride Rock” to talk with Simba. When you get there, enter the “King’s Den” to discuss what you’re going to do about this unfriendly apparition.

Simba joins the Party and suggests you consult with Rafiki on what to do about Scar’s Ghost. He’s holed up in the “Stone Hollow”, so head inside and talk to him.

After the conversation, head out to the “Elephant Graveyard”. The three hyenas may know something about Scar’s Ghost.

Boss: Shenzi, Banzai, & Ed

HP: 445          STR: 40          DEF: 23

This battle is exactly like your skirmish with the hyenas during your first visit to the Pride Lands, except this time, you don’t have to worry about protecting Pumba. Track down each of the hyenas as they run all over the “Elephant Graveyard” and attack them with standard combos when you catch up. You’ll need to make good use of the Dash Ability to keep up with them.

Victory against Shenzi, Banzai, & Ed earns you an extra Accessory Slot as a Get Bonus for Sora, an HP +4 Get Bonus for Donald, the MP Rage Ability for Goofy, and an HP +5 Get Bonus for Simba.

Hakuna Matata

During the cutscene afterwards, Simba runs away when confronted by Scar’s Ghost. Return to “Pride Rock” to look for him. He’s not there, but talk to Nala and Rafiki for clues to his whereabouts.

True to his old ways, Simba’s gone into hiding all the way out in the “Oasis”, so you’ll need to head all the way out there to find him. Snap him out of his rut, then return to “Pride Rock”. Simba confronts Scar’s Ghost, which is great for his confidence, but not so great for the rest of the Pride Lands. Head out into the “Savannah” when you’re ready to face the true form of Scar’s Ghost!

Boss: Groundshaker

HP: 1424          STR: 40          DEF: 23

The Groundshaker is a truly formidable foe! Sora and Simba must take on this giant alone, so you won’t have Donald and Goofy with you as backup.

Right off the bat, you’ll be dumped into a series of Reaction Commands starting with the Leap Reaction Command. You’ll need to perform this once for each time one its feet come stomping down around you to avoid the shockwaves. Follow up with the Fend Reaction Command and mash the Triangle Button to overpower the Groundshaker’s foot and knock it down.

The Groundshaker will remain dazed for a short time after you’ve countered its assault. Take this opportunity to land a few combos on the head before it gets back up. When it does rise, get alongside it and use the Leap Reaction Command to spring up on top of the Groundshaker’s back. The masked creature on its back shares the same HP Gauge as the head, so attacking it will aid you in defeating the Groundshaker. Watch out for its excessive lightning-based attacks as you unleash your combos.

You may be thrown off the Groundshaker’s back at some point. In that case, get near the head and attack it as you did when it was knocked out. The Groundshaker’s head is high enough off the ground that any attacks it may be using will usually pass right under you as you let out aerial combos. Watch for chances to initiate the opening sequence of Reaction Commands again and knock it out. This makes it much easier to attack.

Simba’s Limit Command comes in handy for taking out large chunks of the Groundshaker’s HP. If you can, get up on the beast’s back and lock on to the masked creature. Unleash the Wildcat Limit Command to deal some serious damage! As the fight gets down to the wire, the masked creature will warp around the Groundshaker’s back a lot. Try to keep track of its movements and power on through all of the lightning to defeat it for good!

Victory against the Groundshaker earns you an HP +5 Get Bonus and the last Thunder Element for Sora (upgrading his Thundara spell to Thundaga, and an HP +5 Get Bonus for Simba.

Defeating the Groundshaker marks the end of your second visit to the Pride Lands. Now it’s time to move on to the next world.