Fighting on All Fours

Dropping down in the Pride Lands introduces some new changes to the gameplay you’ve gotten used to thus far. For starters, your entire Party’s Abilities have been altered to some degree, especially Sora’s. Secondly, you cannot enter Drive Forms or use Summons at all while in the Pride Lands. Following the cutscene, head out into the “Elephant Graveyard” area. The Heartless are up to no good, as usual.

Event: Defeat all the Heartless

The Living Bone enemies are very powerful for common Heartless! Watch out for their spinning tail swipes! You can gain the upper hand on them by using the Rodeo Reaction Command. Press the Triangle Button a few more times after that to stampede around the area, leaving massive shockwaves in your wake. Finish with the Grand Cross Reaction Command to slam the Living Bone down into the ground!

After clearing out the Heartless, it’s time to head out to “Pride Rock”. Leave the “Elephant Graveyard” and make it through “The Savannah”. “Pride Rock” is up toward the top of the map. Upon arriving, a cutscene plays. Try to leave and another cutscene will play. The gang retreats to “The Savannah”. It’s time to head out to the “Wildebeest Valley”, which is down toward the bottom right of “The Savannah”.

Simba’s Alive!

In the “Wildebeest Valley”, Sora acquires the Dash Ability for his Lion Form after the cutscene. Make it through the area and proceed to the “Wastelands” area. This long and winding path is full of Heartless, including a new and improved version of the Living Bone that has a Shaman riding on its back. These new enemies have a few other nasty tricks up their sleeve, so watch out. Once you defeat the Shaman on its back, you can still use the Reaction Commands mentioned before to subdue the Living Bones with ease.

Make it through the “Jungle” area and up the hill to the “Oasis”. After a cutscene, the gang reunites with Simba. Be sure to grab the Torn Pages from a nearby Treasure Chest before heading back down to the “Jungle”. A cutscene will play when you leave the “Oasis”, after which, you’ll need to talk to Simba again near the ledge. Sora gets the Circle of Life Keyblade after your chat with Simba.

Return of the King

Simba joins the Party for your trek back to “Pride Rock”. When you arrive, another cutscene plays. Afterwards, enter the “King’s Den” to take on the Hyenas!

Boss: Shenzi, Banzai, & Ed

HP: 305          STR: 26          DEF: 14
Note: Don’t let Pumba take too much damage!

The Hyenas are more annoying than difficult. You’ll spend most of your time just trying to keep up with them. To ensure that Pumba doesn’t take too much damage, you can use the Call Over Reaction Command to keep them close by. Try to focus on defeating one Hyena at a time to make things a little easier for yourself. You can usually unleash a full combo or two before the Hyena will shake you off.

Another good strategy to try is to keep Pumba close to you and just ward off any Hyena that approaches. Let the auto-target select the closest enemy and knock them back as they come too close. If you can get them all to come close enough, you can suck them up with a Magnet spell and then land a few combos while they’re caught in the vortex.

Victory against Shanzi, Banzai, & Ed earns you an HP +5 Get Bonus for Sora, an HP +4 Get Bonus for Donald, and the Lucky Lucky Ability for Goofy.

With the Hyenas out of the way, proceed to the “Peak” for the final showdown between Simba and Scar!

Boss: Scar

HP: 915          STR: 26          DEF: 14

Scar is a very powerful and very fast adversary! Hopefully you’ve had time to master the new Dash Ability, because you are definitely going to need it to avoid Scar’s advances. Since you don’t have Drive Forms or Summons for this fight, the brunt of your powerful offensives will have to be made with Limit Commands. Simba and Goofy are good candidates for unleashing powerful Limit Commands that can easily drain a considerable chunk of Scar’s HP.

Scar attacks with lunges and claw swipes. You can usually just power through these attacks, but it also might be a good idea to use a Reflect spell every now and then to block his attacks before attacking with your own. If Scar ever pins you to the ground, use the Counter Reaction Command to break his hold and push him off.

Scar has a few nasty tricks up his proverbial sleeves as the battle goes on. He can add the elements of fire or lightning to some of his more basic claw attacks, packing an additional punch to his already impressive attacks! His most devastating attack is signaled by a dark aura surrounding him. This means that he is about to use his dashing attack! You’ll need to use your own Dash Ability to dodge the worst of this assault. If you can, try triggering a Limit Command to provide immunity during Scar’s attack. You won’t be able to damage him, but at least he won’t be able to damage you.

Victory against Scar earns you an HP +5 Get Bonus for Sora, the Fire Boost Ability for Donald, an HP +4 Get Bonus for Goofy, and an HP +30 Get Bonus for Simba.

Defeating Scar marks the end of your first visit to the Pride Lands. Sora obtains the second-level Fire Element magic which upgrades Fire spells to Fira.