A ‘Kinda Different’ World

Port Royal is a little bit different than most of the worlds Sora and friends have visited in the past. It’s completely surrounded by water for starters, but there’s also something very different about the look and feel of the place too. Regardless, the gang is here, and just in time too! It seems there’s some chaos going on in the town below.

Event: Defeat the Pirates

The Undead Pirates in Port Royal are kind of tricky to defeat. They can only be hurt while their true forms are exposed. That means you have to lure them into patches of moonlight to show their skeleton forms before you can start dealing out blows. While they are exposed, they are particularly susceptible to magic damage, so use that to your advantage.

Each Undead Pirate has their own unique battle style. One attacks with close-range axe swings, which you can counter using the Back Shuffle Reaction Command followed by the High Counter Reaction Command. Another throws bombs from a distance and fights with a dagger up close. The last fires his gun from a distance, so be ready with the Return Fire Reaction Command to counter his gunshots.

Defeating the Pirates sends Pete running scared. There’s still something bad going on in the “Town”, so head across the nearby bridge. When you arrive, the pirates are leaving and the Heartless are on their way in. Time to take them out!

Event: Defeat all the Heartless

The Heartless have infested the “Town” area, so you’ve got to defeat them all to clear them out. Watch out for the new Cannon Gun Heartless. They can launch mortar fire from above after locking onto your position. When you see a target on the ground, get out of the cross-hairs fast!

If you’ve already equipped it, you should make use of Donald’s newly acquired Comet Limit Command to quickly defeat large groups of Heartless.

A Pirate’s Life for Me

Defeating the Heartless introduces you to Will, who is dead set on rescuing Elizabeth Swan from the Pirates. Upon returning to the “Harbor”, the group meets up with Captain Jack Sparrow, a pirate who shares the similar interest of finding the group of pirates that took Miss Swan. Board the “Interceptor” and head out for “Isla de Muerta: Rock Face”. You’ll have to battle either some Heartless or some Undead Pirates during each voyage you take, so you should get used to fighting aboard the ship. You should also make note of where the ship’s wide open patches are to lure the Undead Pirates into the moonlight.

When you arrive, Jack and Will run ahead. Follow them through the “Isla de Muerta: Cave Mouth” and then proceed to the “Isla de Muerta: Powder Store”. Will and Elizabeth meet up with you on their way back to the ship. Now it’s time to cover their retreat until they can get the ship ready to sail.

Event: Cover Your Escape

The Undead Pirates are coming out in full force during this ordeal, so be on your toes. There’s plenty of moonlight in this area, so attacking them shouldn’t be too much of a problem. The real challenge comes with surviving wave after wave with swarms of Undead Pirates all coming at you at once! You need to last only 1 Minute, but it can be a very challenging minute with all these enemies! Wisdom Form might be a good way to go for this fight. Although you won’t get any EXP for this fight (Wisdom Form only gains EXP for defeating Heartless), it will allow you to keep moving quickly while boosting your Magic, which the Undead Pirates are very susceptible to.

Talk to Will once you’re on board the “Interceptor” to set sail for Port Royal. The Black Pearl comes along and interrupts your voyage though, so be ready to fight!

Event: Battle the Crew of the Black Pearl

Note: Don’t lose the Medallion!

This can be a very difficult challenge to accomplish. Defeating the Undead Pirates is bad enough, but now you have to do it while keeping the Medallion safe. If you take any heavy damage, the Medallion may fall to the floor, leaving it open to be picked up by one of the Undead Pirates. If they get their hands on it, defeat that Undead Pirate immediately to recover the Medallion. You should try to stay in well-lit places and force the Undead Pirates to come to you. Be careful of the incoming cannon fire though. The circles on the ground indicate where a cannonball will strike.

Victory in this event earns you an HP +5 Get Bonus for Sora, the Draw Ability for Donald, and an HP +4 Get Bonus for Goofy.

Following your brief victory against the Black Pearl, the gang is captured and trapped. When you manage to break free, head back up to the deck to escape before it’s too late!

Event: Clear the Deck of Explosives

Though there are Heartless all over the place, your real goal here is to locate the five flaming barrels across the deck of the ship and get rid of them before the ship explodes! When you get near a barrel, use the Launch Reaction Command to send the barrel flying into the ocean. Clear all five barrels and the event will be over.

Victory in this event earns you an extra Item Slot for Sora, an HP +4 Get Bonus for Goofy, the Second Chance Ability for Goofy, and an HP +10 Get Bonus for Jack Sparrow.

Back for Barbossa

With the gang safe, it’s time to head back to the “Isla de Muerta: Rock Face”. Proceed all the way to the “Isla de Muerta: Treasure Heap” for a final showdown with Captain Barbossa!

Boss: Barbossa & Illuminator

HP: 612 (Barbossa), 26 (Illuminator)
STR: 21 (Barbossa & Illuminator)
DEF: 11 (Barbossa & Illuminator)

The battle against Barbossa starts in total darkness. Move around until you can locate the Illuminator’s glowing yellow eyes. Lock on to it and deplete its HP to restore light to the room. Now you can locate Barbossa and start the real fight.

Barbossa is similar to his hoards of Undead Pirates in the sense that he can only be harmed while in the moonlight. You’ll have to lure him out of the darker parts of the room to land any hits of your own. You should note that you not only have to defeat Barbossa in this fight, but you also have to make sure that Jack Sparrow doesn’t die. Keep replenishing his HP with Cure spells when necessary. Using Limit Commands such as Treasure Isle and Fantasia in this fight are a good way to deal damage to Barbossa without the risk of taking any damage of your own.

Barbossa is a very skilled swordsman, so watch for opportunities to perform the Twin Counter Reaction Command, followed by the Sonic Dive Reaction Command to gain the upper hand. If you can trigger the Riding Shot Reaction Command, follow up with the Reverse Blade Reaction Command to deal some decent damage to Barbossa!

If the room goes pitch black again, this means the Illuminator has revived. Locate it as you did before and defeat it quickly so you can jump back to the fight with Barbossa.

Valor Form comes in mighty handy during this fight, so you may want to switch Goofy into your Party at some point. The extra speed and strength will help you against Barbossa’s quick attacks.

Victory against Barbossa & Illuminator earns you the Aerial Finish Ability and a Drive +1 Get Bonus for Sora, an HP +4 Get Bonus for Donald, the Teamwork and Auto Limit Abilities for Goofy, and an HP +15 Get Bonus for Jack Sparrow.

After defeating Barbossa, a cutscene plays. Sora obtains the Follow the Wind Keyblade and unlocks the Keyhole to the next world.