The Ultimate Tournament

Sora and company return to Olympus Coliseum just in time for the Hades Cup opening in the Underdrome. Hades has coaxed Hercules into fighting in the Hades Cup, so Sora and the gang join too in the hopes of snapping Herc out of his slump.

Event: The Hades Cup

Talk to Pain to enter the first round of the Hades Cup. The tournament is crawling with Heartless, so naturally, you’ll have to take them all out. The first round features the powerful Morning Star Heartless, so be ready to use the Bump Reaction Command to spike them into the ground!

Talk to Pain again after round 1 is finished to begin round 2. More Heartless are in this round, including the Minute Bomb. Be ready for the Dodge Roll Reaction Command when the countdown timer appears over their heads. You don’t want to be on the receiving end when that bomb goes off!

After clearing the first two rounds of the tournament, it becomes increasingly obvious that Auron isn’t acting like himself. Sora and the gang need to investigate, so head out into the “Cave of the Dead: Entrance”. There, you’ll find Hades and Auron talking. It seems that Hades is using some kind of statue to control Auron. Return to the “Underworld Entrance” and talk to Auron as he’s about to head off to the Underdrome.

This is My Story

Hercules seems to have heard of the statue that Hades is using to control Auron’s free will. Head all the way down to “Hades’ Chamber” to grab Auron’s Statue. Unfortunately, there are Dusks everywhere when you arrive in the room!

Event: Defeat all the Dusks

A seemingly endless swarm of Dusks bombards “Hades’ Chamber” after you grab the statue. You should be an old hand at defeating Dusks at this point. The battle can get a little overwhelming at times when too many start to appear at once, but just power on through until some unlikely help arrives.

Return to the “Underworld Entrance” and talk to Pain one more time to be brought to the Underdrome. It’s time to put Hades in his place, once and for all!

Boss: Hades

HP: 1230          STR: 37          DEF: 21

Hades starts off the battle with a bout of invincibility. You can’t hope to hurt him, so just get use to his pattern and learn how to deflect and dodge his attacks. After the cutscene, Hercules joins the fight, giving you a real chance to turn to the tides.

Use Hercules’ Aura Sphere Reaction Command to knock the orbs of light at Hades while his red-hot temper is fuming. This will knock him out of berserk mode and allow Sora to actually land some hits. Bash Hades hard until he warps to some other part of the arena.

Hades will attack with his usual shower of flames and flaming punches. If you continue to nail him with every chance you get and don’t give him an inch, he usually won’t be able to let out any kind of attack. Watch out for when he bounces back and draws a circle of flames around him. Clear out quick to avoid getting blasted from below by the fiery eruption! This also marks Hades’ transition into his invulnerable phase. Bash him with another Aura Sphere Reaction Command to douse the flames quick and keep hammering him.

Watch out for Hades’ most annoying attack. He’ll summon an enormous fireball that will hover overhead, dropping down flames that create hot spots on the floor. Avoid these fiery patches as you continue to bombard Hades with blows.

As the battle rages on, Hades will poof around more often, making it harder to hit him. At this point, you should lock on and use a Limit Command to really deal some damage. Switch to Valor Form to quickly regain MP and HP if necessary, and land a few extended combos while you’re in it. Once you transition back (assuming you haven’t already defeated Hades by this point), let out another Limit Command to finish him off!

Victory against Hades earns you an MP +10 Get Bonus and the Counterguard for Sora, an extra Accessory Slot as a Get Bonus for Donald, an HP +4 Get Bonus for Goofy, and an HP +15 Get Bonus for Auron.

With Hades gone for the time being, Sora obtains the Guardian Soul Keyblade. It’s now time to move on to the next world.