Miscalculated Landing

Upon touching down at the Olympus Coliseum, Sora and the gang end up in the Underworld. Good thing though, because Megara seems to be in trouble with the Heartless. Approach her to chase them off and trigger a cutscene. It turns out that Meg was looking for Hades, but Sora offers to play messenger boy and seek out Hades himself. Head into the “Cave of the Dead: Entrance” to begin your search.

You may have noticed that your Drive Gauge has a big lock over it. This is because the Underworld Curse prevents Sora from using his Drive Gauge. That means no Drive Forms and no Summons while fighting in the Underworld! You’ll be relying on raw fighting, Reaction Commands, and Limit Command to get you through the battles that lie ahead. The little white wisps that float around in the air will drop MP Orbs when struck. Use these to replenish your MP quickly so you can perform more Limit Commands.

Proceed to the “Cave of the Dead: Passage”, a long and winding path that heads downhill to the “Cave of the Dead: Inner Chamber”. There are Heartless all along this path, so defeat them as they appear. The “Cave of the Dead: Inner Chamber” acts as a brief respite before proceeding to the “Valley of the Dead”. Make your way up the winding path, defeating Heartless as they appear, until you reach “Hades’ Chamber”.

A Hasty Retreat

Having reached the “Cave of the Dead: Inner Chamber”, Hades breaks off his pursuit. You’re in the clear for now, so head all the way back up the “Cave of the Dead: Passage” until you reach the “Cave of the Dead: Entrance”. There, a fearsome foe is waiting for you!

Event: Survive Hades’ Assault

This battle event takes place in several waves. The first leg takes place within “Hades’ Chamber”, and all you have to do here is avoid taking too much damage until the cutscene kicks in. Hades is completely invincible during this entire event, so don’t bother trying to attack him.

After the cutscene, Sora, Donald, Goofy, and Auron retreat back to the “Valley of the Dead”, but Hades follows close behind. This begins the second phase of your escape. Barriers block your retreat back to the “Cave of the Dead: Inner Chamber”, and you need to defeat all of the Heartless in order to drop the barriers and escape. Hades will continue to attack from a distance, or swipe at you if you get too close. It is highly recommended that you have Auron in your Party for this stretch of the event to make good use of his Bushido Limit Command.

Make it all the way back to the “Cave of the Dead: Entrance”, but be on your guard. Hades’ fearsome watchdog, Cerberus, is hot on your trail!

Boss: Cerberus

HP: 440          STR: 17          DEF: 9

Cerberus is a very powerful opponent, and you don’t have Donald or Goofy with you in this fight. Only Auron is with you, who is a powerful ally in his own right, but you’ll need more than Auron to best Cerberus.

Cerberus stays put for the most part, maintaining a single position for a length of time until jumping clear across the room to another. Sometimes Cerberus will spin around quickly, creating a brief whirlwind that will knock you back if you are too close. While Cerberus is planted on the ground, attack with aerial combos to deal damage, but watch out for its teeth – Cerberus’s bite is definitely worse than its bark!

It is best for the purposes of this battle to lock on to the middle head if possible, as this will provide you with the best possibly chances of triggering the all-important Evade Reaction Command. If you manage to get up near the middle head right when the outer two heads headbutt together, you can use this Reaction Command, followed by the Jump Reaction Command to avoid being bitten. Trigger the Dog Paddle Reaction Command when prompted to beat Cerberus down into the ground, giving you an impressive window to attack with some combos before Cerberus gets back on its feet.

Victory against Cerberus earns you the Dodge Slash Ability for Sora and an HP +40 Get Bonus for Auron.

The Good Old Coliseum Gates

With Cerberus beaten, the gang can finally head topside to the Olympus Coliseum they remember. Head from the “Underworld Entrance” up the golden steps to reach the “Coliseum Gates”. A brief cutscene will play, and then you can head into the “Coliseum Foyer”. After the scene that takes place there, head into “The Coliseum” and talk to Phil. It’s time to brush up on your training.

Event: Phil’s Training

Phil’s Training comes in two waves. The first Practice Course is simple. You only need to collect 20 Orbs in under 1 Minute 30 Seconds. It should take you a matter of a few seconds to clear this challenge.

In the Maniac Course, things get a little harder. Now you the same 1 Minute 30 Seconds to collect 100 Orbs instead of only 20. There’s a trick that you can use to boost your Orb collection, but it requires the giant urns to appear. If you knock a giant urn back into a cluster of smaller urns, the Orbs that are dropped by all of the urns that were hit by the big one are now worth 10 points instead of only 1. Use this to easily rack up a bunch of points and clear the Maniac Course in no time.

Victory in this event earns you the Aerial Spiral Ability for Sora.

After clearing Phil’s Training, Hercules returns. Talk to him to learn of some grim news. It seems Meg has been captured and the Olympus Stone has been stolen. All this can only mean one thing: Hades is up to no good and now it’s time to return to the Underworld to put him in his place!

Junior Heroes to the Rescue

Back in the Underworld, the previously inaccessible area off to the left of the “Underworld Entrance” is now available to explore. Proceed to the “Underworld Caverns: Entrance” at the end of this path. The fog in this area can be very deceiving; take a few steps too far and you’ll fall off into the lower area. That’s okay though, because that’s where you need to go to find the entrance to the “Underworld Caverns: The Lost Road”.

This winding maze-like area can be difficult to navigate, but if you head straight from the entrance, you’ll come to a wide-open area with a large rock formation in the middle. Circle around to the left and head straight through the gap in the wall. Turn right and follow the corners until you locate another gap in the wall to your right. Head through there to access the “Underworld Caverns: Atrium” area.

Head up the ramp and proceed to the wide open atrium in front of the large gates. A man in a black hood is waiting there, and it turns out that he’s the thief who stole the Olympus Stone!

Event: Defeat the Water Forms

Your encounter with the peculiar Demyx is more of a challenge than an actual battle. Instead of attacking him directly, you’ll need to take out all 100 of the watery forms that Demyx summons. You also only have 1 Minute 20 Seconds to do it. The key to an easy victory is to make good use of the Wild Dance Reaction Command whenever the prompt appears. It allows you to grab hold of one of the forms and whip it around, taking out several other forms in the process.

Victory in this event earns you an HP +5 Get Bonus for Sora, the MP Rage Ability for Donald, and an HP +4 Get Bonus for Goofy.

With Demyx gone, the Olympus Stone is now yours, allowing you to use your Drive Gauge in the Underworld. With this ability restored, proceed to “The Lock” through the large gates. Once inside, collect the various treasures that lie within, then examine the stone in the center of the room. Enter the beam of light to be brought to the “Well of Captivity”.

Event: Protect Megara from Pete and the Heartless

Note: Don’t let Megara take too much damage!

Pete is waiting in the “Well of Captivity” with a swarm of Heartless. He’s also got Meg all tied up, so you’ve got to ward off the Heartless and keep her safe. Take out as many Heartless as you can, but don’t let Meg take too much damage. The Damage Gauge in the top left-hand corner of the screen will tell you how many hits Meg has taken. Don’t let it fill or you’ll have to start all over. After a while, a cutscene takes place and Meg is saved. Sora and the gang return to the “Well of Captivity” to help Hercules show Pete what a true hero can really do!

Boss: Pete

HP: 264          STR: 17          DEF: 9

With Megara no longer in any danger, there’s no holding back this time around. With the addition of Hercules in the Party, you can really pound some sense into the mischievous Pete. There are still Heartless around, but they’re no big deal. Pete is the real target here, and he’s got some really dirty tricks up his sleeves.

Pete’s attacks seem more like cheap prank toys: exploding marbles and bowling balls that really pack a punch! The best way to approach Pete to land some hits is to jump at him, clearing anything he may have thrown out onto the ground around him. Land several hits until he hides inside his shield, at which time, he’s invincible. This time around though, with Hercules in the Party, you can knock Pete into Hercules while he’s in his shield, turning him into a living projectile. Just use the Pinball Reaction Command to send Pete rolling straight into Hercules’ fist!

If you have Valor Form at your disposal, this would be a good time to use it. Valor Form levels up with each hit you land, and with this many Heartless around, plus Pete, there’s plenty of hits to dish out. You could get some serious EXP in this fight!

Victory in this battle earns you the Trinity Limit Limit Command for Sora, an HP +4 Get Bonus for Donald, and the Hyper Healing Ability for Goofy.

Coliseum in Ruins

After putting Pete in his place, it’s time to return to the “Coliseum Gates”. The Hydra has made an absolute mess of the place, and it definitely needs to be stopped!

Boss: Hydra

HP: 442          STR: 17          DEF: 9

The Hydra is a full-fledged battle with many phases! At first, the beast only has one head, so it won’t be too difficult of a match in the beginning. Reduce the head’s HP to 0 with standard combos, then follow up with the Vanquish Reaction Command to take the Hydra out at the neck.

Things get a little more complicated now, seeing as the Hydra now has three heads instead of one. Attack each head individually, following up with the Vanquish Reaction Command when their HP reaches 0. You can get up on the Hydra’s back and use the Phil One-Two Reaction Command followed by the Urninator Reaction Command to bash an urn into the Hydra’s body, temporarily stunning the heads. Use this to your advantage to take out the heads with ease.

After vanquishing the third head, the Hydra sprouts more – a grand total of 7! This is the final leg of the battle, and things get a little more tricky from here on out. Watch out for the Hydra’s head slam attack, and constantly keep on the move to avoid being hit by any of the dark energy orbs that pop out of the ground. You may want to go into Valor Form at this point to increase your speed and strength. Attack the Hydra’s heads when openings present themselves. If you’re ever really hurting, you can approach Meg at a hole in the wall to the left of the “Coliseum Gates”. She’ll scatter HP Orbs all over the ground to give you a boost.

While fighting all 7 of the Hydra’s heads, you should always be on the lookout for a prompt to initiate the Pegasus Run Reaction Command. This allows you to hop up on Pegasus’ back and fly straight at the heads. Continue the assault with each of the Attack Reaction Commands that follow to deal maximum damage! Pegasus will drop you back on the ground where you can repeat this pattern until the Hydra’s HP reaches 0 for the last time. Finish it off with a final Vanquish Reaction Command!

Victory against the Hydra earns you an HP +5 Get Bonus and the Thunder Element for Sora, an extra Armor Slot Get Bonus for Donald, and an HP +4 Get Bonus for Goofy.

After the cutscene, Sora receives the Hero’s Crest Keyblade. It’s time to move on to the next world!