A Spy in Black

Returning to the Land of Dragons dumps Sora and company up in the “Village”, hot on the trail of a mysterious man in a black coat. Turns out, Mulan has been tracking him as well, so when the stranger runs off up the mountain, you’ll need to follow him. Head up the “Ridge”, taking out Heartless as they appear until you reach the “Summit”.

Boss: Man in the Black Coat

HP: 760          STR: 34          DEF: 19

The Man in the Black Coat is not all alone up on the “Summit”. A massive swarm of Rapid Thrusters buzzes all around you while you fight this mysterious foe. This is not an easy fight if you plan to fully take on the Man in the Black Coat.

There are two different ways to go about this fight: the first is to simply fight the Man in the Black Coat head on, which can be very difficult if you’re not properly prepared. The other is to simply survive the fight long enough for it to end automatically, which can also be difficult since neither the Man in the Black Coat nor the Rapid Thrusters are just going to stand back while you dodge around the “Summit”. Ultimately, the easier route is to take on the Man in the Black Coat directly.

This guy has some seriously powerful attacks that can really make this fight challenging. We recommend that the majority of your offensive moves be made using Sora’s solo Trinity Limit Ability. When Donald and Goofy aren’t around, this Limit Command unleashes a barrage of powerful blows while rendering Sora invincible for the duration of the combo. This is a good way to deal a lot of damage quickly without taking any of your own.

Unfortunately, this method leaves you without any MP for the majority of the battle. To compensate, take a break from fighting the Man in the Black Coat and turn your attention to the Rapid Thrusters. Defeating enough of them should boost your MP Recovery and restore your MP Gauge faster so you can jump back in the fight with another Trinity Limit attack!

Race to the Palace

After clearing the battle, the mysterious man disappears. But there are much bigger problems at hand to worry about where he went! An enormous Heartless is on its way to the Imperial City, so you have to race there to warn everyone!

Make your way back to the “Village” and proceed to the “Mountain Trail”. Defeat the Heartless along the path and head into the “Checkpoint”. More Heartless are sure to appear here, so defeat them before moving on to the “Imperial Square”.

Event: Defeat all the Heartless

An ambush of Heartless awaits your arrival at the “Imperial Square”. They are all Heartless you’ve fought before, so you should be used to the strategies needed to take them out. They have become a lot more powerful since you last fought them though, so you may find yourself healing more often than in the past.

As always, make good use of Reaction Commands to take the Heartless down, especially the Bolt Tower’s Bolt Reversal Reaction Command. Rapidly press the Triangle Button to build up a charge and slam it back at the Bolt Tower. The shockwave created when it hits will also damage nearby enemies!

After defeating the Heartless, proceed up to the “Palace Gate”. Head inside to the “Antechamber”. A guy in a black coat is standing at the end of the hall, but it’s not the same man you fought before.

Event: Defeat all the Nobodies

The Organization member in the “Antechamber” summons a hoard of Nobodies, including the new Sniper enemies. These Nobodies can warp around the room, firing off shots from all angles. Standard combos are okay for taking them out, but Snipers tend to warp in the middle of taking a beating, so you won’t be able to deal much damage before they shift to somewhere far away. The best way to beat them is to use the Warp Snipe Reaction Command to bounce their bullets back at them.

Head through to the “Throne Room” after taking care of the Nobodies in the “Antechamber”. After the cutscene, you’ll be free to explore the room and pick all of the wonderful treasures scattered all over, including another set of Torn Pages. Save your game if you want, then head all the way back to the “Imperial Square” to take on the giant Heartless!

Boss: Storm Rider

HP: 1216          STR: 34          DEF: 19

The battle against the Storm Rider is a true competition for aerial supremacy. You will be spending the majority of this battle in the air, so you should have Abilities equipped that accommodate such a battle (such as Aerial Spiral and any Air Combo Plus Abilities you may have learned from leveling up Master Form).

The Storm Rider will not come down to the ground, and your standard jumps aren’t enough to reach the foe’s head. Make use of the whirlwinds scattered around the “Imperial Square” to boost up high and land on the Storm Rider’s back. Attack the head from behind with standard ground combos, but be ready to use the Hang On Reaction Command to grab hold of the Storm Rider’s horns when it flips. This will prevent you from being dropped back down to the ground. Use the Let Go Reaction Command after the flip to release the horn and continue attacking the head.

Eventually the Storm Rider will throw you off. This is usually when it begins making its bomber runs. Use the whirlwinds again to launch high in the air to have the Strom Rider pass under you completely while it makes its pass. You’ll completely avoid its bombs and remain unharmed. Try to land an aerial combo or two on your way back down to the ground.

Watch for opportunities to use the Slide Reaction Command while on the ground. The Storm Rider will make a very low pass over the “Imperial Square”. Use this Reaction Command and follow up with the Vertigo Toss Reaction Command to slice and dice the Storm Rider from below and render it dazed for a short while afterwards.

In the final stretch of this fight, the Storm Rider is grounded. It will summon two walls of electricity on either side of itself as it bombards you with lighting bolts. These are pretty easy to avoid simply by staying in motion. Attack the head when openings present themselves, but watch out for when the Storm Rider starts to charge up energy. It’s about to unleash its massive lighting ray attack. This attack can be completely avoided by simply getting off to one side of the Storm Rider, as the beam only goes straight from the beast’s mouth.

Victory against the Storm Rider earns you the next Thunder Element for Sora (upgrading his Thunder spell to Thundara), an HP +4 Get Bonus for Donald, the Tornado Fusion Ability for Goofy (allowing him to perform the Whirli-Goof Limit Command), and an HP +25 Get Bonus for Mulan.

Defeating the Storm Rider marks the end of the Land of Dragons, this time for good. It’s time to head out to the next world.