Fooling the Army

Upon arriving in the Land of Dragons, Sora and the gang find Mulan and Mushu planning to join the Imperial Army. Mulan has to disguise herself as a boy though, so you’ll be referring to her as Ping for a while.

Proceed to the “Encampment” to enlist in the army. Heartless show up and crash the party though, so you’ll have to fight them off to proceed.

Event: Defeat all the Heartless

Note: Don’t let the Party’s Morale drop!

While fighting for the army in the Land of Dragons, you may have noticed the Party Morale Gauge in the top left-hand corner of the screen. This Gauge must be kept from depleting while you fight. Taking damage or going too long without defeating an enemy will deplete the Party Morale Gauge, so defeat enemies quickly and try to avoid being hit. Collect the orbs that enemies drop to replenish the Party Morale Gauge when it starts to get low.

High Expectations

The Captain will reward you for clearing out the Heartless with the Encampment Map. You’ll have to perform some basic missions before the Captain will let you join the army for real though. Talk to him to initiate Missions.

Event: The Surprise Attack

Note: Don’t let the Party’s Morale drop!

The Shadows shouldn’t be a problem, but the new Nightwalker Heartless can be a real pain. They can attack with close-range claw swipes or attack from far away with powerful spinning rush attacks. Either way, your Party Morale Gauge will truly suffer if you get hit too many times by these pesky Heartless. Bash them with aerial combo after aerial combo and don’t let them budge!

Event: The Ambush

Note: Don’t let the Party’s Morale drop!

The new Assault Rider Heartless featured in this fight are about as bad as they come! Their attacks have a much longer range than you might think, so keep your distance. If you get too close, they’ll trap you in a vicious spinning lance attack that will not only drop your Party Morale Gauge in a matter of seconds, but Sora’s HP as well! The best way to deal with these Heartless is to get very far away from them. Eventually, the Assault Rider will perform a massive leap in to the air to close the gap between it and you. When it does, jump toward it and meet it halfway through its leap to let out a few aerial combos. It can’t fight back in the air, so if you can manage to keep it airborne for a while, you should be able to beat it with minimal effort.

Event: The Search

Note: Don’t let the Party’s Morale drop!

The final mission involves hunting down hidden Heartless in the “Encampment” area. After completing The Ambush mission however, this shouldn’t be a very difficult task at all. The worst enemies this mission has to offer are the Nightwalker Heartless, which you should be able to handle, especially after beating the Assault Riders from before!

For completing all three of these missions, the Captain will reward you with an AP Boost.

A Rush to the Top

The next step is to fight your way to the summit of the nearby mountain beyond the “Checkpoint” area. Enter the “Mountain Trail” to begin this next event.

Event: Hurry to the Mountain Summit

Note: Don’t let the Party’s Morale drop!

The “Mountain Trail” is full of Heartless, and you’ll need to take them out in order to press onward. The enormous rock walls can be destroyed by approaching them and using the Rockshatter Reaction Command. Continue up the “Mountain Trail”, defeating Heartless and breaking through rock walls until you reach the top.

The troops set up camp in the “Village” at the top of the mountain. Mushu tells the gang that he saw Shan-Yu holed up in the cave just outside the “Village”. Head there to investigate.

Event: Defeat all the Heartless

Ping and Sora are trapped in the deepest room in the cave, forced to fight off wave after wave of Heartless all by themselves. Ping is not much help in this fight, so it’s mostly all up to you. Unfortunately, you don’t have Donald or Goofy in this fight, which means you also don’t have access to Valor Form. At first, the battle starts off with a large swarm of Shadows. Eventually, the more difficult enemies come out to play, finishing the battle with a wave of three Assault Riders all at once! Keep your distance and focus on one at a time to defeat them.

Victory in this battle earns you the Slide Dash Ability and an HP +5 Get Bonus for Sora, and the Hyper Healing Ability and an HP +15 Get Bonus for Ping.

Struggle at the Summit

After clearing out the cave, head back to the “Village” to find it completely devastated. Head up to the “Ridge” just beyond the Save Point. Battle the Heartless that appear as you continue on to the “Summit”. Another intense battle awaits you when you make it to the very top of the mountain!

Event: Survive the Heartless Assault

When you arrive at the “Summit”, Shan-Yu is waiting with an absolutely massive swarm of Rapid Thruster Heartless. These enemies are not overly threatening, but when they attack in such a large swarm, they can be very annoying. When surrounded by them, you can trigger the Speed Trap Reaction Command to suck them all close, then follow up with the Aero Blade Reaction Command to knock them all away.

The Bolt Tower Heartless that also infest the mountain top are a bit more threatening, but they move so slowly that it’s extremely easy to avoid the shockwave attacks they emit. If you get caught in one of their laser beams, counter with the Bolt Reversal Reaction Command by rapidly pressing the Triangle Button. If you can do it fast enough, you’ll redirect their own attack back at them, usually destroying them upon impact.

This battle ends when the timer in the upper left-hand corner of the screen reaches 0. Defeat as many Heartless as you can before time runs out!

After clearing all of the Heartless, Mulan triggers an avalanche that engulfs the whole “Summit”. Fortunately, nobody overly important was hurt, but Ping’s true identity is revealed and the Captain takes his troops back to the Imperial City without you. Ping leaves the Party and rejoins as Mulan, giving her several new Abilities, including the powerful Dragonblaze Ability that lets you perform the Red Rocket Limit Command whenever Mulan is in your Party! She also receives an AP +8 Get Bonus at this time.

Take Back the City

Unfortunately, Shan-Yu was not wiped out by the avalanche and is now heading for the Imperial City. Since the Captain and his troops don’t realize this, it’s up to Sora and Mulan to stop him. Head back down the mountain and get to the “Checkpoint” area. Head to the left and enter the “Imperial Square” for another battle!

Event: Defeat all the Heartless

More Heartless ambush you when you arrive at the “Imperial Square”. They’re all Heartless you’ve fought before in one capacity or another, so they shouldn’t be too difficult to defeat. Try using the Red Rocket Limit Command with Mulan in your Party to make quick work of the Heartless that appear. Alternate pressing the Triangle Button and X Button to unleash the full force of this powerful Limit Command!

After defeating the Heartless, the gang presses onward up the steps to the “Palace Gate”, where Shan-Yu is trying to force his way into the palace. This is the last stand, so show him everything you’ve got!

Boss: Shan-Yu & Hayabusa

HP: 442 (Shan-Yu), 102 (Hayabusa)
STR: 12 (Shan-Yu & Hayabusa)
DEF: 6 (Shan-Yu & Hayabusa)

There are two parts to this battle. The first, obviously, is defeating Shan-Yu. The second is to prevent the Heartless he summons from causing too much damage to the Palace Gates. The Gauge in the top left-hand corner of the screen will tell you the current defense of the Gates. Do not let this Gauge deplete, or the battle will end and you will lose.

Shan-Yu is a powerful swordsman, but that can also be his downfall. If at any time he and Sora lock blades, press the Triangle Button when prompted to perform the Press Reaction Command. Follow up at the end with the Takedown Reaction Command to push him back and deal some decent damage. Don’t forget that you also have Valor Form at your disposal for when the battle gets a little out of hand.

Hayabusa is Shan-Yu’s hawk that flies around and deals minor damage. It’s not crucial to completing the battle, but if you defeat Hayabusa before Shan-Yu, it’ll just be one more thing that will make the battle a little more manageable.

When the battle starts to reach its end, Shan-Yu will exploit the powers of darkness, surrounding himself in a dark purple aura. His attacks are now more powerful and more ferocious than before. His mad sword rushes can really pack a punch, so be prepared to back off until his calms down a little bit. Also, use Mulan’s Red Rocket Limit Command when you need to really deal some damage without taking any of your own!

Victory against Shan-Yu & Hayabusa earns you the Aerial Sweep Ability for Sora, an HP +4 Get Bonus for Donald, the Goofy Turbo Ability for Goofy, and an HP +20 Get Bonus for Mulan.

Following the final battle, a cutscene plays. Sora obtains the Hidden Dragon Keyblade and unlocks the Keyhole to the next world.