Hollow Bastion Under Construction

Hollow Bastion has undergone some drastic layout changes since Sora, Donald, and Goofy’s last visit during KINGDOM HEARTS. It’s now a bustling town, being rebuilt by Leon and the gang. Upon entering, you’re directed to talk to the Moogle nearby. Moogle Shops are set up across the worlds, making it easy to Synthesize Items or buy new Weapons, Accessories, and Armor. For talking to the Moogle and dropping off the materials you’ve collected so far, you’ll receive Elixir.

You should also talk to Scrooge McDuck across the street from the Moogle. He’ll allow you to play one of the Mini Games for your Journal Objectives later in the game.

As you head into the “Borough”, another scene takes place. Yuffie introduces the town’s new automated defense system … just in time too, because Sora and friends are then ambushed by a pack of Nobodies.

Event: Defeat all the Dusks

Battling in the town limits of Hollow Bastion is made easier with the automated defense system on your side. These orbs of light follow enemies during your battles and attack in conjunction with Sora and the rest of your Party. They’ll give you the upper hand you need to dispatch enemies quickly and with ease while fighting in Hollow Bastion.

Following the battle, Yuffie hands over the Marketplace Map. Continue deeper into the “Borough” area until you find the door to “Merlin’s House”.

A Brief Reunion

Inside “Merlin’s House”, the entire gang is working hard to fix up Hollow Bastion and restore it to the way it once was. They’ve formed the Hollow Bastion Restoration Committee, and they’ve invited Sora, Donald, and Goofy to become honorary members. Aerith will give you the Membership Card toward the end of the cutscene. Merlin soon arrives and asks Sora about his magic. Unfortunately, Sora’s forgotten everything from sleeping inside that pod, so Merlin offers you the Blizzard Element, allowing Sora to perform Blizzard spells.

As Leon suggested, it’s time to meet him in the “Bailey”. Head back outside to the “Borough” and head to the right. Follow the alley around the corner and head up the staircase. Swing around the corner to the right and head straight into the large doorway to gain access to the “Bailey”. Heartless may appear along the way, but you should be able to handle them with no problems.

Battle at the Bailey

After the cutscene with Leon, a swarm of Nobodies appears, trying to bust their way into town. Sora and Leon will have to fight them off, meaning that you don’t have Donald and Goofy for this fight. Leon is more than capable of holding his own though, so you should be okay.

Event: Defeat all the Nobodies

Note: Do not let the Gates take too much damage!

The Dusks and Creepers should be old news, and you should be able to handle them with ease. The new Samurai Nobodies on the other hand can be a real hand full. Their attacks are rather powerful and can easily deplete about a third of your HP Gauge. The trick is to nail them with a combo and not let up for a second until they are defeated. If you keep knocking them back, they won’t have time to retaliate. If you take advantage of their Duel Stance Reaction Command, you had better be quick with your fingers! Once triggered, your Command Menu will go blank. When “The End” appears in one of the Command Menu Slots, you need to select it almost immediately to instantly defeat the Samurai. If you fail, the Samurai will unleash a rather devastating attack of its own.

Victory in this battle earns you the Fire Element for Sora as a Get Bonus.

After the fighting, a cutscene plays. Sora’s Membership Card lights up and reveals the Keyhole to travel to the next set of worlds. It’s time for Sora, Donald, and Goofy to head off to the next world.