Christmas in Chaos

The gang touches down in the “Hinterlands” where Jack Skellington is supposedly gathering presents to bring back to Santa. Head out to “Santa’s House” in Christmas Town to return the presents Jack found. While you’re there, some commotion seems to be coming from inside the workshop. Head into the “Toy Factory: Shipping and Receiving” and head up the steps to the “Toy Factory: The Wrapping Room” to see what all the racket is about.

Boss: Lock, Shock, & Barrel

HP: 172 (each)          STR: 39          DEF: 22

This is more of an event than a full-on Boss battle. Lock, Shock, and Barrel are making a mess of the “Toy Factory: The Wrapping Room”, so you have to put the pranksters in their place. Lock on to one at a time and beat them down with standard combos. When their HP is all the way down, look for one of the boxes lying around the room. Line yourself up so that you’re right in front of them and use the Capture Reaction Command to bat the box straight at them, trapping them inside.

Repeat this process on the other two troublemakers. Just be warned that if you take too long to capture the others, the ones you’ve already captured will break free with a reduced amount of HP. If any of them aren’t captured yet, they can also bust out their friends, so try to keep on them with the combos and capture them quickly to end the battle.

Victory against Lock, Shock, & Barrel earns you an extra Item Slot as a Get Bonus for Sora, an HP +4 Get Bonus for Donald, the Auto Change Ability for Goofy, and an HP +5 Get Bonus for Jack Skellington.

The Purloined Presents

After teaching Lock, Shock, and Barrel a lesson, the gang returns to Santa to discover that several presents have been stolen. Head all the way back to the “Halloween Town Square”, where you’ll find the presents … and the thieves!

Event: Defeat all the Heartless and Recover the Presents

The Heartless are all over the “Halloween Town Square” and they’ve got the presents with them. Defeat them to collect the four presents and end the battle!

Remember that fighting in the “Halloween Town Square” can be dangerous. The place is littered with booby traps that can hurt you, but you can also use them to hurt the Heartless if you know what you’re doing. Be careful of your surroundings as you fight!

Defeating the Heartless earns you the Present. Return to “Santa’s House” to return it. Jack has an idea while you’re there, so head back up to the “Toy Factory: The Wrapping Room” and talk to the elf to learn how to make some fake gifts.

Event: Make the Fake Presents

Making the presents is the easy part. All you have to do is aim the toy gun at a box on the floor and fire enough toys to fill the box. Use the X Button to fire the toy gun and move the the toy gun with the Left Analogue Stick. When you run out of toys, you can reload by using the Triangle Button.

What makes this a little bit more difficult is the three troublemakers, Lock, Shock, and Barrel, running around the room swatting boxes away. You can fire toys at them to knock them out temporarily and prevent them from batting away too many boxes.

To Catch a Thief

Clearing this event earns you the Decoy Presents. Bring them back to Santa and he’ll tell you where to set them up. The “Christmas Tree Plaza” just off of “Candy Cane Lane” will do just fine. Before long, the thief is sure to come by, and you’ll be able to catch him in the act!

Boss: The Experiment

HP: 1290          STR: 39          DEF: 22

Your battle against Dr. Finklestein’s Experiment can actually be a rather challenging one. The more you hit the Experiment, the more it falls apart, but its detached pieces can actually cause more harm than good. The trick is knowing how to go about taking it apart.

Attack the Experiment with standard combos to start. If you manage to dislodge the torso, approach it on foot and use the Kickspring Reaction Command to spin the torso around and ram it into the other parts. You can do this multiple times as long as the torso is separate from the rest of the body.

As the battle progresses, things get a little more chaotic. With all the Experiments pieces scattered about and doing their own thing, this may be a good time to use a Limit Command to provide invulnerability while you fight. Donald’s Duck Flare Limit Command can deplete two whole bars of the Experiment’s HP Gauge when used to its fullest extent. You should consider going into Valor Form if you need to regain MP and HP quickly, or if you just need some extra speed and power to keep up with the Experiment’s limbs.

The separate pieces attack with a lot of lasers and a lot of powerful, wide-range attacks. You’ll need to constantly keep on the move to avoid getting hit as you approach and destroy each individual piece.

Victory against the Experiment earns you an HP +5 Get Bonus and the Finishing Leap Ability for Sora, the Jackpot Ability for Donald, an HP +4 Get Bonus for Goofy, and an HP +10 Get Bonus for Jack Skellington.

The real victory here is the acquisition of the Decisive Pumpkin Keyblade, one of the strongest Keyblades in the game in terms of pure stats. With the mystery solved, it’s time for Sora, Donald, and Goofy to depart.