Christmas in Halloween Town

Arriving in Halloween Town dumps Sora and the gang in the “Graveyard” area. After meeting up with Zero, follow him to the “Halloween Town Square”. It seems that Halloween Town is trying to take over Christmas this year, and Jack Skellington is spearheading the whole operation. After the lengthy reunion cutscenes, Jack points out that the town square is full of Heartless. It’s time to go clean up the town!

Event: Defeat all the Heartless

Fighting in the “Halloween Town Square” can be a very dangerous endeavor, but it can also work to your advantage if you fight with the proper strategy. The various landmarks around the town act as traps that spring and deal damage if you get too close to them. The center fountain will spit out toxic sludge if it gets hit. The guillotine will drop if anything goes underneath it. The gates near Jack’s house will spring open and knock you back if you get too close. Finally, the sewer grates will erupt with nasty green goo if you stand on top of them. These traps will hurt you a lot if you get caught in them, but you can also use them to deal some damage to the Heartless if they get caught instead.

After clearing out the Heartless, head through the “Graveyard” to the “Hinterlands”. There will be more Heartless along the way, so take them out when the appear. Once you’re in the “Hinterlands”, Jack introduces the door to Christmas Town. Head through when you’re ready.

Halloween in Christmas Town

Heading through the door in the “Hinterlands” brings you to “Yuletide Hill” in Christmas Town. Head down the hill into “Candy Cane Lane”. The Heartless have invaded here as well, so get ready for another battle!

Event: Defeat all the Heartless

“Candy Cane Lane” features a merry-go-round in the middle of the area. If you can lure Heartless close enough to this landmark, you can use the Spin Reaction Command to whirl the merry-go-round and suck them in, dealing some pretty decent damage. This is a very handy trick that can come in handy for defeating nasty enemies like the Toy Soldiers!

The Nice and The Naughty

After clearing out the Heartless, it’s time to enter “Santa’s House”. Once the cutscene is over, head into the “Toy Factory: Shipping and Receiving” area. Lock, Shock, and Barrel are up to no good again, so follow them all the way back to Halloween Town. When you get to the “Graveyard”, head up the path to the “Curly Hill”. A rather difficult enemy is waiting for you!

Boss: Prison Keeper

HP: 1140           STR: 24          DEF: 13

The Prison Keeper is a true force to be reckoned with. Lock, Shock, and Barrel are secure in its cage, and at any moment, the Prison Keeper can swallow one of them to absorb their energy and gain new powers.

If the Prison Keeper swallows Lock, it’ll be primarily attacking with giant fireballs launched from a distance. The best way to deal with these is to simply Guard against them to bounce them back at the Prison Keeper. As soon as you redirect the shot, you should follow close behind and be ready to unleash some aerial combos right after the fireball nails the Prison Keeper.

Swallowing Shock gives the Prison Keeper the ability to launch magic bolts from its fingertips while rotating high up in the sky. This assault is very difficult to do anything about since the Prison Keeper is typically too high in the sky to hit. If you can make it to the top of the hill in the middle of the area, you can jump from there and you should be able to reach the Prison Keeper to unleash another barrage of blows.

The Prison Keeper will unleash a devastating assault of wild claw swipes if it manages to swallow Barrel. Use your Reflect magic to brace yourself for impact, then follow up with more aerial combos whenever you get the opening.

When the battle gets down to brass tacks, the Prison Keeper will no doubt swallow all three of the little troublemakers at once. This allows it to perform any of the above-mentioned abilities at will! Use similar strategies to stay ahead of it, and hide behind the hill if you need to do a quick round of healing before jumping back in the fray.

You can interrupt the Prison Keeper when it tries to swallow one of the trio by getting close and using the Inside Combo Reaction Command. Sora will jump inside the Prison Keeper’s mouth and rough it up from the inside. When the Prison Keeper spits Sora out, it’ll be temporarily dazed, giving you a wide-open window to nail it with some powerful combos!

Victory against the Prison Keeper earns you an HP +5 Get Bonus for Sora, the Hyper Healing Ability for Donald, an HP +4 Get Bonus for Goofy, and an HP +15 Get Bonus for Jack Skellington.

Kidnap the Sandy Claws

Once you’ve subdued the Prison Keeper, it’s time to race back to Christmas Town and see what Oogie Boogie and Maleficent are up to. Make your way all the way back to “Santa’s House”, then proceed through to the “Toy Factory: Shipping and Receiving” area. Oogie Boogie is inside, doing a little redecorating.

Boss: Oogie Boogie

HP: 371          STR: 24          DEF: 13

You’ll spend more time dodging Oogie’s traps than dishing out blows, so be ready for the long haul! The conveyer belts slowly pull you back toward walls of spikes, so you’ll want to stay as close to Oogie as possible. If Oogie’s box switches to a different lane, you can approach the tunnel and wait until it lights up blue to switch to the other blue tunnel. Use this to navigate throughout the fight and keep Oogie in your sights.

Oogie will be raining down traps on you throughout the whole fight, such as giant punching gloves and bombs. Dodge these attacks as best you can and watch for the small boxes to pass through the conveyer belt. When they appear, you can use the Fore! Reaction Command to knock them up at Oogie’s glass box. Do this enough times and the box will shatter, dropping Oogie down onto the conveyer belt. Use this chance to nail him with some combos before he heads back up to a new glass box again. After Oogie returns to the top, the conveyer belts will speed up drastically. Keep jumping forward to avoid being hit with the spike walls at the back of the conveyer belts.

As the battle continues, Oogie may use a few new tricks. He can send down lightning bolts that zigzag down the conveyer belt. He can even summon waves of Heartless (including the devastating Emerald Blues). If you ever become overwhelmed by the onslaught, switch to a different conveyer belt to do some quick healing, then switch back to continue the fight. Defeating Oogie Boogie is all about patience. He doesn’t have much HP, but the process of getting chances to hit him can be grueling at times.

Victory against Oogie Boogie earns you an extra Item Slot as a Get Bonus and the Magnet Element for Sora (allowing you to use the Magnet spell), an HP +4 Get Bonus for Donald, the Once More Ability for Goofy, and an HP +15 Get Bonus for Jack Skellington.

Defeating Oogie Boogie means it’s just about time to be heading off to the next world.