Home Sweet Home Away from Home

Disney Castle is home to Donald and Goofy, but something’s not right when the gang lands in the “Gummi Hangar”. Head out to the “Courtyard” and search everywhere! There are all kinds of goodies scattered around this area … and all kinds of Heartless! Your eventual target is the door to the “Colonnade”. In there, a seemingly endless amount of Shadows awaits. If you take them all out, there’s an awful lot of EXP in store for you! Head all the way down the hall to the “Library”.

Escorting the Queen

Upon reaching the “Library”, the gang meets up with Queen Minnie. They agree to split up, leaving Sora to excort Minnie to the “Audience Chamber” just down the hall. Before you depart, make sure you grab the Torn Pages from the nearby Treasure Chest. You’ll need them for your second visit to the 100 Acre Wood later in the game.

Event: Escort Minnie Through the “Colonnade”

Note: Don’t let Minnie take too much damage!

Several Heartless will intercept your trip to the “Audience Chamber”. Fortunately, they’re not very threatening Heartless, so you should have no trouble taking them out.

Use the Call Over Reaction Command to keep Minnie close behind you at all times. If the Heartless ever surround you, get close to Minnie to trigger the Faith Reaction Command. This will summon a burst of light that knocks back all of the Heartless nearby. Use it to keep them at bay and send them reeling! Use the Finish Reaction Command when you reach the door to enter the “Audience Chamber”.

After reaching the “Audience Chamber”, Sora and Minnie realize that the Heartless have infiltrated this room as well! You’ll need to guide Minnie to the throne at the other end of the room.

Event: Escort Minnie Through the “Audience Chamber”

Note: Don’t let Minnie take too much damage!

The Bolt Tower swarm infesting the “Audience Chamber” can be a little harder to handle while escorting Minnie across the room. To succeed with ease, make full use of the Faith Reaction Command to send the Bolt Towers flying back.

The path to the throne is a pretty straight line, but if you want some extra EXP, we recommend leading Minnie around the room so you can use the Faith Reaction Command to take out all of the Bolt Towers in the room. They won’t respawn after being defeated, so once you clear them all out, it’s an easy stroll across the room to the throne. Use the Finish Reaction Command when you reach it to end the event.

Victory in this event earns you the Auto Summon Ability and an extra Accessory Slot as a Get Bonus for Sora.

Help from Hollow Bastion

Minnie reveals a secret room filled with light that blasts the Heartless away for good. Upon entering, the room is full of dark thorns. It turns out that Maleficent is somehow behind the castle’s current predicament. You’ll have to seek out Merlin back at Hollow Bastion to help you find a way to fix this mess. Use the Save Point to access the World Map. Return to Hollow Bastion for a quick cutscene, during which, Merlin automatically transports the gang and himself back to Disney Castle.

Merlin summons a magic door that leads to a special world. He believes that the source of the problem is somewhere through that door, so now it’s time to set out and investigate.