Let’s Sing and Dance

At this point in the game, you should have acquired all the necessary skills and stats to complete Atlantica in a single run-through. If you’ve been completing this world episodically as you went through the game, you’d have to stop every now and then until you had the next skill necessary to continue. The requirements for unlocking and completing each episode of Atlantica are listed below:

  • “Part of Your World” – Acquire the first Magnet Element.
  • “Under the Sea” – Raise the Drive Gauge to 5.
  • “Ursula’s Revenge – Acquire the second Magnet Element.
  • “A New Day is Dawning” – Acquire the final Thunder Element.

When you first arrive in Atlantica, the gang needs to brush up on the mechanics of swimming. Talk to Sebastian once you’ve got the hang of things. He’ll teach the finer points of singing and dancing under the sea!

The tutorial sequence provides you with plenty of opportunities to learn the basics of the rhythm games that Atlantica provides. Press the Button shown in the circles to perform the different dance moves as you play the games. You have until the ring around the Button depletes to hit the Button. To get a better score, press the Button shown when the ring depletes down into the orange or yellow sections of the ring.

Chapter 1

The first musical can be played without having to acquire any specific skill first. Talk to Sebastian to initiate this Minigame.

Event: Swim This Way

In this first musical, your goal is to collect gold notes, which are displayed in the music staff at the top left corner of the screen. To do that, you need to hit several notes with an “Excellent” rating (within the yellow segment of the ring). Be careful though; getting “Bad” ratings on notes will cause you to lose gold notes, so you want to strive for at least a “Good” rating on all the notes (within the orange segment of the ring).

Chapter 2

Talk to Flounder when you arrive in Atlantica once you have the first Magnet Element. With the Magnet spell, you’ll be able to move the statue and trigger the next musical Minigame.

Event: Part of Your World

For this musical challenge, you’ll need to hit at least 5 notes in a row with an “Excellent” rating. Hitting a note with any other rating will ruin your streak and force you start over. Up until now, all of the notes have been using the X Button, but in this musical, there are several notes that require you to press the Triangle Button instead. Be on the lookout for the different Button prompts as you’re playing.

Chapter 3

Return to Atlantica once you’ve raised Sora’s Drive Guage to 5. Talk to Sebastian to perform in his newest musical.

Event: Under the Sea

The Under the Sea Minigame introduces a new kind of Button prompt when hitting notes. The same “Bad”, “Good”, and “Excellent” ratings apply, but this time, the notes must be hit using the Square Button. However, it’s not that simple either. The picture on the note indicates whether or not you should press the Square Button. If the picture is of Ariel, then you should hit the Square Button when prompted. If the picture is of Sebastian, then you should completely ignore that note. Some of the notes will change images half-way through, so watch out. The goal of this musical is to end with the Ariel icon at the top of the Gauge on the right side of the screen.

Chapter 4

Talk to Ariel when you return to Atlantica with the second Magnet Element. The new Magnera spell will help you get the gold locket. After a rather long cutscene, speak to Flounder again to go check on Ariel.

Event: Ursula’s Revenge

The musical battle against Ursula introduces a new type of note that requires you to rapidly press the X Button when prompted. The purple ring depletes around the note, indicated how many times you’ve pressed the X Button. The note will bestow “Good” ratings for each time you press it at first. The faster you press the X Button, the sooner you’ll start receiving “Excellent” ratings for each time you press it.

The goal of this musical is to deplete Ursula’s HP, which is displayed at the top of the screen. The higher the rating you get on a note, the more damage it will deal to Ursula. Use the rapid notes and mash the X Button to rack up a string of “Excellent” ratings to deal massive damage in a short amount of time.

Victory in this event earns you the Mysterious Abyss Keyblade.

Chapter 5

Return to Atlantica for the last time after obtaining the final Thunder Element. You’ll need the Thundaga spell to complete the final Minigame.

Event: A New Day is Dawning

This final musical features every kind of note you’ve encountered in all of the other Minigames. Use what you’ve learned from the previous musicals to complete this final Minigame. The goal for this musical is to collect at least 30,000 Points. Only “Good” and “Excellent” ratings will reward you with points. The “Bad” ratings give out no penalty, so this task is actually a lot easier than it sounds.

After the final musical, Sora obtains the final Blizzard Element, upgrading his Blizzara spell to Blizzaga. You also get another Orichalcum + for completing Atlantica.