Return of Jafar

Returning to Agrabah drops Sora and company down in the newly refurbished “Pedlar’s Shop”. Aladdin bursts through the front door just as the Pedlar escapes and informs Sora and the gang that the stupid Pedlar let Jafar out of the lamp. Head out to the “Oasis” to meet up with Genie. He’ll magically remove the sandstorm raging in the desert so you can enter the “Sandswept Ruins”.

Event: Defeat all the Heartless

While in the “Sandswept Ruins” area, Sora is by himself on the Magic Carpet. Fighting and navigating can be a little different, but it’s easy enough to get used to the basics of moving around. While you’re attacking, the Magic Carpet will automatically stay underneath Sora at all times, so you can just defeat Heartless as usual and not worry about falling off. Moving is rather easy too. Move up by holding down the Right Analogue Stick, and move down by holding the Right Analogue Stick up. Use the Left Analogue Stick to move forward, backward, or to either side. If you hold the Left Analogue Stick straight forward for a while, the carpet will pick up speed and fly faster.

Event: Defeat Jafar’s Shadow

With the Heartless taken care of, Jafar sends his nasty shadow after you. Jafar’s Shadow will stay in one spot and start to cast spells. Get close and attack it with a combo or two and it will run off to another location somewhere in the “Sandswept Ruins”. Don’t worry about losing it though; Jafar’s Shadow moves along a pretty straight path.

Continue to chase Jafar’s Shadow throughout the “Sandswept Ruins”, attacking it when it stops, until you reach the top of the tower. The next phase of this encounter awaits you when you get to the top.

Event: Defeat all the Heartless

Jafar’s Shadow summons another group of Heartless when you reach the top of the tower. A shield prevents you from straying too far from the tower, but there’s still plenty of room to take on the Heartless.

This battle features the Crimson Jazz Heartless, which you have fought a few times before. Remember that they can summon a powerful bout of fireballs that can really deal some damage if you get caught in them. Watch out for the three giant fireballs it summons; they will collide after a short time and cause a giant explosion capable of some serious damage!

Desert Puzzles

To get inside the tower, you’re going to need to open the door. To do that, you need to locate three switches out in the “Sandswept Ruins” area.

  • The first switch is located at the top of a building close to where you first entered the “Sandswept Ruins”. To activate it, wait until all the nodes are lined up on top of each other and cast a Thundara spell on them.
  • The second switch is down in the lower part of the “Sandswept Ruins”, toward the back wall about halfway between the entrance and the tower. Wait until the nodes line up in a straight row and cast a Blizzara spell to turn it on.
  • The final switch is under the tower. Approach the door an then go straight down, under the bridge. When all of the nodes form a circle, get in the middle and cast a Fira spell to activate it.
  • Once all three switches are activated, you’ll have to get to the door before the timer runs out. If you activated the Fire Switch last like we recommended, all you have to do is fly straight up and into the door from under the bridge. Watch out for the Heartless though; it’s best to simply ignore them and keep flying toward the door.

Once inside the “Ruined Chamber”, be sure to collect the Torn Pages from the nearby Treasure Chest (if you been collecting them while playing through the different worlds, this should be the last set of Torn Pages you need to complete the 100 Acre Wood). Head up the stairs for a cutscene in which Iago confesses to leading you astray.

Event: Escape From the Ruins

The Magic Carpet flies automatically as you make your escape back to the city. The Heartless that appear along the way are just minor inconveniences, but you can knock them away with a few swings of your Keyblade. You can still move the Magic Carpet side to side while it flies forward by itself. Defeat as many Heartless as you can as you make your way out of the “Sandswept Ruins” and back to the “Oasis”.

Don’t Mess With Street Rats

Head into the city and speak with the Pedlar right outside “The Palace”. After you talk to him, head inside for the showdown with Jafar!

Boss: Jafar

HP: 840          STR: 37          DEF: 21

Compared to some of the recent Boss battles you’ve had to deal with, Jafar is not a challenge at all. That doesn’t mean you should go into this fight feeling overly confident though. He still has a few tricks up his sleeves that can make him a real nuisance.

You’ll be alone on the Magic Carpet again for this fight, so hopefully you’ve learned the finer points of attacking and maneuvering. Jafar’s head is your target in this battle, but the fight is made a lot easier if you attack his stomach first. Watch out for the fireballs that Jafar summons as you fly in close and attack the stomach. Once you’ve whacked him a few times in the gut, Jafar will be temporarily dazed.

Usually, you can activate the Roll Up Reaction Command by flying close to his tail after taking out his stomach. Follow up with the Spin Burst Reaction Command to twirl Jafar around and render him unconscious for an even longer period of time. Fly close to the head and unleash a steady stream of blows until he wakes up again.

Jafar may occasionally transport Sora to an alternate dimension in which he will hurl large buildings at you. Fly directly towards Jafar while avoiding the buildings he throws at you to break through and return to the usual Agrabah sky.

The pattern for defeating Jafar is pretty straight forward and doesn’t stray much from the following: Dodge the fireballs while you attack his stomach, use the Roll Up and Spin Burst Reaction Commands to knock him out, attack the head, dodge buildings in the alternate dimension … wash, rinse, repeat.

Victory against Jafar earns you the last Fire Element for Sora (upgrading his Fira spell to Firaga).

After Jafar is defeated, Sora obtains the Wishing Lamp Keyblade. Agrabah is restored to the way it was before and Sora, Donald, and Goofy are ready to set off to their next destination.