Completing the Book

Before you leave Radiant Garden, you should return to “Merlin’s House” to complete the 100 Acre Wood. By now, you should have collected all of the Torn Pages from the various worlds you’ve visited. If you haven’t, you can use the list below to find them with ease:

  • Disney Castle – “Library”
  • The Pride Lands – “Oasis”
  • Hollow Bastion – “Crystal Fissure”
  • Land of Dragons – “Throne Room”
  • Agrabah – “Ruined Chamber”

Piglet’s House

Approach Piglet hanging from the tree branch to begin this Minigame.

Event: A Blustery Rescue

In this Minigame, you’ll have to rescue Piglet from the wind. Destroy obstacles with your Keyblade while carrying Pooh on your back. If you bump into anything, Pooh will lose hold of you. Get near him and use the Triangle Button to grab him again.

Look for tornadoes and use the Triangle Button when prompted to trigger a powerful whirlwind. This will destroy any flying objects on screen in a single shot. When you reach the end, grab hold of Piglet with the Rescue Reaction Command to end the Minigame.

Rabbit’s House

Follow Eeyore after the cutscene to start this Minigame

Event: Hunny Slider

The Hunny Slider Minigame is pretty straight-forward. Collect the globs of Hunny while avoiding the obstacles that lay scattered along the path. If you can find Gopher, you can use the Triangle Button to have him guard the next obstacle you bump into, making it through unharmed. Otherwise, hitting things will throw Pooh from your back. Pick him up with the Triangle Button quick, or you won’t be able to collect any Hunny!

Kanga’s House

Talk to Kanga to start this Minigame.

Event: Balloon Bounce

The goal of the Balloon Bounce Minigame is to bounce off of the balloons and collect points. You have a total of 5 chances to get a bounce streak going, though for the purposes of this story playthrough, as long as you pop a few balloons before falling back down, you’ll be fine.

Use the Triangle Button to bounce off of the balloons you land on, and use the Left Analogue Stick to move from side to side as you bounce. Try getting high up in the air and popping the giant balloon at the top for a big reward!

The Spooky Cave

Talk to Kanga to start this Minigame.

Event: The Expotition

The Expotition is pretty simple. You need to guide Pooh’s friends through the cave while keeping their morale up. Use Reaction Commands when prompted to avoid slipping on ice or being hit by falling rocks. If you come across any bees, quickly defeat the swarms that emerge to avoid panic.

If the group becomes too frightened, you can use a Reaction Command to calm them down and keep them going. The cave can be rather maze-like, but no matter which direction you’re going, there are still plenty of wonderful Items to collect, even if you get a little lost.

After finding Pooh at the end of the cave, Sora obtains the Sweet Memories Keyblade.

The Starry Hill

Help Pooh out on top of the starry hill.

Event: Pooh’s Hunny Pot

For the purposes of the story playthrough, all you have to do here is press the Triangle Button once to start swinging Pooh and once to release the pot. You don’t have to worry about distance for this run-through. Just get the pot off of Pooh’s head to progress the story.

After the final cutscene, the 100 Acre Wood is sealed. Sora obtains the last Cure Element, up grading his Cura spell to Curaga. You also receive another Orichalcum +.