Back in Town

Upon returning to Traverse Town, you should probably check out some of the shops. Now that you’ve been to several worlds, you’ve most likely accumulated quite bit of Munny. You should consider buying some new weapons for Donald and Goofy over at the Item Shop. Also, now that you have the Blizzard spell, head over to the cafe area. The Treasure Chest sitting on the counter that you couldn’t open before will open now if you extinguish all of the candles at the tables. Also, head back into the small alley where Sora first awoke in Traverse Town to activate the Red Trinity. It opens up a secret area of the Alleyway area where you’ll find a Treasure Chest.

Head back to the Accessory Shop and talk to Cid. He’ll recommend that you seek out Leon, who is training in the Secret Waterway area. Head into the Alleyway via the Second District and make your way over to the sewer grate. Bust it down using the Red Trinity and head inside. You’ll find Leon and Aerith nearby; talk to them and they’ll explain a bit more about what’s going on. As for the Navi-G Pieces you’ve collected, Aerith recommends you check with Cid. Before you leave, Leon hands over the Earthshine. Check by the stairway at the back of the Secret Waterway to find a Treasure Chest.

Make your way all the way back to the Accessory Shop and talk to Cid again. After the conversation, he’ll hand over an Old Book, which you need to bring to the Magician’s Study, a new area that you haven’t been to before. Head back to the Third District and make your way to the door with the fire insignia on it. Cast a Fire spell and the door will open, granting you access to the Mystical House area. Hop across the moving rocks to the island and enter the Magician’s Study through the gaping hole in the side of the house.

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