Another World

After Sora’s rather rude awakening, head out of the alley and into the main square. It is here that Sora realizes he has been brought to an entirely new world. Take some time to explore the First District, taking note of the strange Blue and Red marks on the ground and the Treasure Chest at the cafe that won’t open. Don’t worry too much about them at this point. They’ll become more important later.

Head into the Item Shop, which is located by the alley you first woke up in. Here, you can buy items and new weapons. Unfortunately, Sora doesn’t have a Munny to his name, but if you collected a large amount of Pretty Stones back on Destiny Islands, you can sell them here for 30 Munny apiece! While you’re in here, you can use the Lock-on feature and switch targets until you’ve locked on to the ceiling fan. Strike it to obtain a Postcard.

After getting a fairly decent idea of your new surroundings, head into the Accessory Shop in the center of the First District. Inside, you’ll meet Cid, who encourages you to take a look around Traverse Town to try and find your friends. Take him up on his offer, but before you run off, utilize the Save Point by the fireplace if you want to. Also, jump up onto the sales counter and then jump to grab the edge of a nearby cupboard to reach a Treasure Chest.

Once outside, head to the left and up around the back of the Accessory Shop. When you reach the top of the last set of steps, take a slight left and locate a barrel next to a man. Jump up on top of the barrel and rotate the camera to the left until you are aimed up with the edge of the Accessory Shop roof.

Jump up to grab the edge and pull yourself. Make your way toward the front of the Accessory Shop. Over the door, there should be a small ledge that you can jump out to. If you aimed correctly, you should grab the ledge and pull yourself up. Continue to jump to the other side of the roof. Behind the chimney, there is a Treasure Chest.

Drop down the roof and head back up the steps behind the Accessory Shop. This time, when you reach the top of the steps, head right and through the large double doors that lead into the Second District.

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