All Heroes Start Somewhere

Olympus Coliseum is actually the smallest world in the entire game, featuring only three areas to explore. The Coliseum Gates area is where our heroes first enter this world, and it should be noted that there are treasures everywhere! There is a Blue Trinity on either side of the coliseum door, both of which reveal Treasure Chests. There’s also a Treasure Chest hiding behind a pillar nearby.

Once you’ve collected your treasures, head into the Coliseum Lobby area. Phil is distracted in all of his preparations for the upcoming games and directs you to move that massive pedestal on the opposite wall. Go ahead and give it a try, but that thing isn’t going anywhere. Talk to Phil again and he’ll realize that he’s mistaken you for someone else. Phil then offers you some training courses for Sora to take on. In these training courses, you’ll be breaking barrels while under a time limit. Believe it or not, it is actually easier to accomplish these courses if you remove the Vortex ability (if you have it equipped) from Sora.

The first course is relatively simple. You have to destroy all 20 barrels in 30 seconds. When striking barrels, it’s good to know that some of the barrels will fly off in whatever direction Sora is facing after he unleashes a full combo. If you aim your attacks right, you can actually launch barrels into other barrels to help cut down your time. Take them all out, then return to Phil and tell him you’re ready for the next challenge.

The advanced course is a little harder, but still nothing Sora can’t handle. Start by making your way around the base of the structure, destroying any barrels you find along the way. Next, make your way up to the top, still taking out barrels as you pass them. The final barrel is on a floating platform out in the middle of the arena. You can’t reach it by jumping to it, but if you aim the barrel on the highest level of the structure correctly, you can knock it into the barrel on the floating platform to take it out. Or, you can take the easy way out and lock on to the barrel out on the floating platform and use a Fire spell to break it with ease.

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