Pirate Ship Prisoners

Sora and the gang have been taken hostage by Captain Hook and the Heartless. After the rather lengthy cutscene, you can swap Peter Pan into your Party (and we recommend that you do, for he is an excellent fighter). With all of the Pirates lurking around the ship, as well as Shadow Sora, you’re going to need all of the help you can get.

Leave the Hold through the only available door and be prepared for a fight on the other side. The Heartless in Neverland don’t hesitate to start a fight. Take them all out, including Shadow Sora, and climb the nearby ladder to access the higher level. Head through the door to your right and take out any Heartless that appear, then jump down through the hole in the floor to access the Freezer area.

The Freezer is absolutely crawling with wave after wave of Heartless. Take them all out and climb the other ladder in the room to reach the Galley. Once here, you’ll be treated to a brief reunion with Kairi. Grab the nearby Treasure Chest, then hop up on the shelves and jump up through the hole to the right in the ceiling to reach the Cabin.

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