An Uneasy Feeling

Hollow Bastion is a scary looking place, and upon arrival, Sora has the strangest feeling that he’s been to this castle before, or at least remembers it somehow. The Rising Falls is home to all kinds of Treasure Chests, most of which are found underneath the water. You can use the floating bubbles in the area to get at them. Climb the floating rock platforms until you reach a large rock with what looks like a small fountain on it. A rather lengthy cutscene will play here, and Sora will be left with no Donald and Goofy, and worst of all, no Keyblade!

Armed with a Wooden Sword, Sora’s attacks are hardly effective. Fortunately, you’ve got the Beast on your side, who can charge and bash through the swarms of Heartless you’ll encounter throughout the castle. When you reach the top of the Rising Falls, use the machine nearby to summon the lift that will take you up to the castle. Upon arriving, take an immediate right and go through the gates to locate another set of machines. The one closest to the edge will summon another lift that will take you down below the castle.

The Base Level is full of Heartless, but Beast can handle them easily. Just keep on the outskirts of the skirmish to avoid taking damage. With the Wooden Sword, you won’t really be able to fight back much, so you’ll need to rely on Beast to do all of the fighting for you. Once the room is cleared, head into the bubble floating near the back wall. This will take you down to the Waterway.

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