This is Halloween

Upon first entering Halloween Town, there’s only one direction to go, so head for Guillotine Square through the main gate up ahead. Once you pass through, you’ll be ambushed by some Heartless, though they don’t seem to have much fight in them. In fact, they don’t really seem to do anything at all. Just ignore them and continue exploring until you trigger the next cutscene, where you’ll be introduced to Jack Skellington. He’s off to consult the Doctor on how to make the Heartless dance.

Head into the Lab Entryway and up the steps into the Research Lab for another cutscene. Turns out, you need a few more ingredients to make a successful heart, so you’ve been tasked with finding Sally to acquire some memory. Head back to Guillotine Square and enter the alley behind the wall to find the gate leading to the Graveyard. Unfortunately, due to the doctor’s recent mishap in the lab, the docile Heartless roaming the town are not so docile any more.

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