After your less-than-smooth landing in the Deep Jungle, Sora is all alone, separated from Donald and Goofy! And to make matters worse, the dangerous Sabor is on the prowl and he’s got Sora in his sights!

Boss: Sabor

HP: 90 / EXP: 15

Sabor is quick and his swiping claw attacks and lunges can really pack a punch if you’re not careful. The best way to maneuver through this fight is to rely heavily on your Dodge Roll to avoid being hit while circling around behind Sabor and laying in a few hits of your own. If you’ve already been to Olympus Coliseum I, you should also have the Sonic Blade ability at your disposal, which is good for dealing a long string of powerful blows while remaining invulnerable to attack.

Tarzan swoops in to rescue Sora and scare Sabor off. After some spectacular failures in communication, Tarzan joins your Party to help you combat the dangers of the jungle. Meanwhile, we’re given insight into the whereabouts of Donald and Goofy.

When the scene switches back to Sora and Tarzan, hop down to the netting below the tree house. Tucked up on a tree branch is a Treasure Chest. After collecting that, head down the tree limb and into the Climbing Trees area. From here, move across the room to the opening up on a ledge. This leads to the Treetops area, and through there, you can access the Tunnel area. In here, there’s another Treasure Chest. Use the Save Point if you want, and then head into the giant hollow log.

Mini Game: Jungle Slider

By entering the hollow log, you are brought into the Jungle Slider Mini Game, in which Sora and Tarzan get to slide down a series of slicked tree branches. There are a few obstacles on the track that you can avoid by leaning left and right or jumping at the right time.  Refer to our Mini Games pages for more details about the Jungle Slider.

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