A Whole New World

With the completion of your second visit to Traverse Town, you are now able to travel to a whole new ring of worlds beyond the warp hole, the first of which is the desert world of Agrabah. Upon first arriving, you learn that Maleficent and Jafar are up to no good (of course), and that they are desperately searching for both Princess Jasmine and the Keyhole.

With the stepped-up search party, it’s no wonder that Sora and company are ambushed by a group of Heartless within seconds of touching down in the Agrabah streets. The new Bandit Heartless are far craftier opponents than any of the enemies you’ve come across thus far. Like Sora, they specialize in sword fighting, and are therefore very dangerous. They can not only attack you with sword combos up close, but they can also lunge great distances to close in on an enemy.

Once you’ve cleared out the area of all enemies, you can open up a nearby Treasure Chest. Across from this Treasure Chest is a wooden door that leads to the Storage area. Inside, you’ll find another Treasure Chest, as well as a Save Point. Head back out to the Plaza and make your way across to the far front corner. Climb up to the top and open the Treasure Chest.

Hop back down and continue through the main archway into the Main Street area. Here, you’ll most-likely encounter more Heartless to take down, including the new Pot Spiders, which can be taken down with relative ease and reward you with a lot of Munny. Your next destination is the Alley, which is off to your left after you enter Main Street.

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