Depths of Darkness – Items

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Depths of Darkness – Enemies

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An Ally Arrives

Upon entering the Depths of Darkness, Aqua is no longer alone. King Mickey has found her, and now the two of them are joining forces to find a way out of the Realm of Darkness. And not a moment too soon, either, because a battle is waiting just around the corner!

Demon Tower

HP: 580% | EXP: 0

This battle is identical to the battle back in Castle Town, but this time you have additional help. King Mickey is capable to dealing his own damage to the [kh02bbs_bestiary_demon_tower], so hits should rack up fast.

KH 0.2 BbS - Depths of Darkness Walkthrough - Demon Tower

With King Mickey in the Party now, you have access to a new Situation Command: [kh02bbs_wayfinder]. Using this enters Aqua into a new Command Style where she teams up with King Mickey to unleash a series of speedy warp-strikes. Its Finish command unleashes a powerful burst of light for massive damage. Use this whenever the prompt presents itself to make quick work of the [kh02bbs_bestiary_demon_tower].

Victory against [kh02bbs_bestiary_demon_tower] earns you a Max HP +15 bonus.

In Search of the Key

King Mickey revealed that he’s looking for a Keyblade within the Realm of Darkness that can close the door from the inside. Aqua decides to help him in his endeavors, in the hopes that it will lead to a way out of the Realm of Darkness for her. King Mickey will remain in your Party for the rest of the game from here on out, but only so long as you stay within the Depths of Darkness. Warping back to a previous Save Point will remove King Mickey from the Party, and Aqua will be alone again.

The Depths of Darkness is probably the smallest map in the whole game, in terms of places to explore, but it’s lengthy in terms of actual distance. That said, it’s a straight shot from beginning to end, so all you have to do is make your way to the other end of the map, marked by a large opening brimming with light.

KH 0.2 BbS - Depths of Darkness Walkthrough - Battle with the Heartless

Heartless will appear along the way, including the new [kh02bbs_bestiary_earth_core]. These Heartless are impervious to damage from behind due to their diamond-hard spikes, and they like to burrow underground and spring up beneath you, which can leave you stunned for a few seconds. Keep moving as you fight them and use Magic to make quick work of them.

Once you reach the end of the map, approaching the light will lead you directly to the final boss of the game, so only go through if you’re ready!

Destiny Islands

The blinding light brings Aqua and King Mickey to the Destiny Islands (or at least, the version consumed by darkness). Upon arriving, they are immediately attacked by a great surge of Heartless!

Demon Tide

HP: 1000% | EXP: 0

This is it! The final showdown! The [kh02bbs_bestiary_demon_tide] is very similar to the [kh02bbs_bestiary_demon_tower], though it has many new attacks and patterns to learn. Pretty much, the main similarity is that you can see the [kh02bbs_bestiary_demon_tide]’s attacks coming whenever the eyes change from yellow to red, much like the [kh02bbs_bestiary_demon_tower] did.

The [kh02bbs_bestiary_demon_tide] will sometimes get a blue aura around it, indicating that it’s about to charge across the arena for 3 passes. Each pass can be [kh02bbs_block_counter]ed to land a little bit of damage as it attacks. It will usually follow this maneuver up by launching Shadow after Shadow at you, though these individual enemies fade away immediately afterwards, so you won’t need to worry about defeating them too.

KH 0.2 BbS - Depths of Darkness Walkthrough - Demon Tide

If at any point, the [kh02bbs_bestiary_demon_tide] goes high up into the sky and forms a ring, it’s about to charge back down into the ground. It will then burst out of the ground in another location. Depending on which difficulty you are playing the game in, there are two ways to deal with this attack. If you are on Beginner Mode or Standard Mode, a well timed Block or [kh02bbs_cartwheel] will suffice to avoid taking damage. If you are playing on Proud Mode or Critical Mode, you will HAVE to rely on a series of PERFECTLY-TIMED Blocks to survive the assault!

Eventually, King Mickey will manage to get on top of the [kh02bbs_bestiary_demon_tide] and the [kh02bbs_wayfinder_dt] prompt will appear. So long as King Mickey is riding on top of the [kh02bbs_bestiary_demon_tide], it will not attack, so land as many hits as you can before initiating the [kh02bbs_wayfinder_dt] command at the last second. Doing so will trap the [kh02bbs_bestiary_demon_tide] in a net of chains and force it to remain still. You can then pummel it with a series of warp-strikes until the Finish prompt appears. Again, wait until the last second to initiate Finish, landing as many hits as you can before the gauge runs out. Then hit the Finish command to deal massive damage!

KH 0.2 BbS - Depths of Darkness Walkthrough - Demon Tide

As the [kh02bbs_bestiary_demon_tide] escapes from the chains, this will most likely trigger Phase 2 of the battle, which will either be short and (relatively) painless or drawn-out and miserable depending on which difficulty you’re playing on, and how much damage you were able to deal during Phase 1. The [kh02bbs_bestiary_demon_tide] comes crashing down into the ground and the entire arena goes dark. The [kh02bbs_bestiary_demon_tide] re-emerges in the form of a fiery tornado with its core at the center.

At this point, we recommend targeting the [kh02bbs_bestiary_demon_tide] with a full salvo of [kh02bbs_shotlock] as quickly as you can. Depending on how much damage you were able to deal during Phase 1 of the battle, this could be enough to finish it off right here.

If not, be ready to do a lot of [kh02bbs_cartwheel]s and Blocks, because the [kh02bbs_bestiary_demon_tide] is not playing around anymore! It will tear across the arena, dealing massive damage if you get sucked into the vortex, and it will also fire steady streams of Shadows at you.

KH 0.2 BbS - Depths of Darkness Walkthrough - Demon Tide

In its most devastating attack, the [kh02bbs_bestiary_demon_tide] will suck you in to the center of the vortex and expand to cover a massive portion of the arena. It will then proceed to launch giant dark orbs up from out of the ground that will damage you if they hit you on the way up, and then come crashing back down on top of you for a second hard hit! It’s seriously in your best interest to defeat the [kh02bbs_bestiary_demon_tide] before it ever has a chance to unleash this attack, but if you can’t, be ready with a series of well-timed Blocks to soak up as much damage as you can!

Victory against [kh02bbs_bestiary_demon_tide] earns you a Max HP +10 bonus.

You have now completed KINGDOM HEARTS 0.2 Birth by Sleep ~A Fragmentary Passage~! Congratulations! You now have the option to save over your file and create a new one with Clear Data, which will allow you to unlock new extras you couldn’t on your first playthrough. There’s still more to do, so check out our Collectables and Side Quests pages for more details!