Castle Town – Items

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Castle Town – Enemies

[kh02bbs_bestiary_shadow] [kh02bbs_bestiary_fluttering] [kh02bbs_bestiary_flame_core] [kh02bbs_bestiary_demon_tower]

The Main Road

Gameplay begins on The Main Road, which offers a tutorial sequence if you decide you need it. Basically, advancing the game is the same, but if you opt for the tutorial, the game will stop you periodically to give you a message about the different controls available to you.

The Main Road is pretty straightforward, so there’s not really any exploration to be done at this point. Follow the path until you come across a forced battle against some [kh02bbs_bestiary_shadow]s, at which point, the game will give you a brief battle tutorial. Defeat all the enemies to continue onward.

KH 0.2 BbS - Castle Town Walkthrough - Battling Shadows

A little bit further up the path is another scripted battle against a pack of [kh02bbs_bestiary_shadow]s. Defeat them and continue up the path until you reach the town.

Turning Back the Clock

Upon reaching the town, Objectives and Wardrobe Pieces are introduced, and you gain access to Aqua’s Magic. You’re now tasked with locating 5 gears scattered throughout the town that, when activated, will reverse the hands on the clock tower and reconstruct the bridge. The first is found for you during the introductory cutscene.

KH 0.2 BbS - Castle Town Walkthrough - Gear

The remaining gears are pointed out to you as you explore the town. The table below will help you find the rest. Each time you locate and activate another gear, a new Ability will be granted to Aqua. While the gears can be found in any order, the order listed below is perhaps the most natural based on how the game directs you.

Castle Town – Gear Locations

Gear Image Location Ability Learned
KH 0.2 BbS - Castle Town Walkthrough - Gear From the fountain in the center of town, access the path that leads up and to the right by climbing the stairs in the back-right corner of the map. [kh02bbs_shotlock]
KH 0.2 BbS - Castle Town Walkthrough - Gear After locating the previous gear, making your way back to the fountain will reveal the location of the next. Head straight across the map to find the next gear. [kh02bbs_doubleflight]
KH 0.2 BbS - Castle Town Walkthrough - Gear After locating the previous gear, make your way back toward the center of town, but turn left and climb a staircase along the back wall. As you turn the corner to the right, a split in the road reveals a path leading down to a large underground courtyard. The next gear is down there. Situation Commands
KH 0.2 BbS - Castle Town Walkthrough - Gear After locating the previous gear, climb the platforms back up to where the road split. This time, take the path that leads up, ascending as series of broken buildings. Aim the camera back down at the ground, and look around, and you should be able to locate the final gear sitting in a small dead-end street. [kh02bbs_air_slide]

Force of Darkness

Locating the final gear completes the bridge leading to the clock tower. Return to the fountain in the center of town and head back down the ramp to the small courtyard where you first entered the town. The game’s first boss battle is waiting for you!

Demon Tower

HP: 440% | EXP: 0

The [kh02bbs_bestiary_demon_tower] may only be made up of [kh02bbs_bestiary_shadow]s, but don’t underestimate it. When formed together like this, they can really pack a punch! The [kh02bbs_bestiary_demon_tower] clearly signals its incoming attacks though, so it can be pretty easy to get its pattern down and Block its advances. Whenever the eyes of the [kh02bbs_bestiary_demon_tower] turn red, it’s about to strike.

KH 0.2 BbS - Castle Town Walkthrough - Demon Tower

For the most part, you can just dish out blow after blow unencumbered, but be ready with a well-timed [kh02bbs_block_counter] to avoid taking damage when the [kh02bbs_bestiary_demon_tower] charges around the courtyard. It will occasionally leave [kh02bbs_bestiary_shadow]s behind after it attacks, but these can easily be taken out to provide HP and Focus recovery. The [kh02bbs_bestiary_demon_tower] will fall before long, so don’t worry too much about this encounter.

Victory against the [kh02bbs_bestiary_demon_tower] earns you a Max HP +10 bonus.