The Mark of Mastery

After the rather lengthy introductory scenes, it’s time for Terra and Aqua’s Mark of Mastery Exam. The test takes a turn for the worse when Master Xehanort corrupts the Orbs of Light that Master Eraqus summons, so you’ll now have to fight them off.

Event: Destroy the Orbs of Light

Ventus is a very agile character to play as, so keeping up with the fast-moving Orbs of Light should be easy. Use your Deck Commands to deal more efficient damage, and don’t be afraid to use your Shotlock to damage several Orbs of Light at once.

Defeating the Orbs of Light earns you the Fever Pitch Command Style and an HP +5 Get Bonus.

Another lengthy cutscene takes place following your battle against the Orbs of Light. At the end of it, Ventus sets out for new worlds. You’ll receive the Terra and Aqua Dimension Links before leaving, as well as Xehanort’s Letter.